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DOWELL 1390 High Precision Laser Cutting Machine Introduction

The small format high precision laser cutting machine (high precision laser cutting machine,Compact Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine,precision fiber laser cutting machine) is a metal laser cutting machine with a relatively small cutting format. The general size is 1390 or 3030 or 6060 or 9060.

High-precision laser cutting machine has high cutting precision, high efficiency, low cost and simple operation.

The design of high precision metal laser cutting machine is user-friendly. It adopts high precision linear motor platform or linear guide rail and precision screw drive, and the bilateral servo motor is synchronously driven to ensure the high-speed, high precision and stable operation of the whole machine. It is equipped with the latest fine special anti-collision cutting head and Professional and efficient environmental protection dust removal and slag removal system, with strong scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

1390 precision metal laser cutting machine Advantages

High precision

Using precision linear guide rail, high positioning accuracy, less wear and stable performance

CNC numerical control system

Special laser cutting system, easy to operate, high flexibility, large expandability, fast speed, high precision and low maintenance

Little thermal impact

Non-contact processing, small thermal impact, minimal local deformation of the workpiece, no mechanical deformation.

Premium Cut

Using raytools laser cutting head and precision special cutting head, the cutting speed is fast, the quality is high, the cutting seam is small, the precision is high, and the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free.

Wide range of applications

Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals, also suitable for leather, ceramics, glass and other non-metallic laser cutting, suitable for ultra-precision cutting applications

automatic programming software

Equipped with professional laser cutting automatic programming software, it has the function of manual or automatic typesetting and nesting.

China Small-worktable 1390 precision fiber laser cutting machine factory

6060 Small Scale jewelry laser cutting machine

DOWELL 1390 Precision Laser Cutting Machine description

Remarks: laser cutting machine dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements

DOWELL MINI Laser Cutting Machine product configuration

focus bm110 raytool laser

Auto focus BM110 Raytool Laser Head

Auto-focusing laser cutting head, reducing human intervention, multiple protective lenses, effective protection of collimating lenses, high adaptability, with QBH and QD and other optical fiber interfaces, which can be adapted to various mainstream lasers

raytool control system

Raytool laser cutting system System

The laser cutting equipment is equipped with a modern intelligent control system. The laser cutting process is controlled by predetermined parameters. Combined with the feeding laser cutting system system , it greatly reduces the dependence on manual operation and reduces the risk of errors.

Raycus Laser Source

Raycus Laser Source

Laser processing has obvious advantages such as wide processing objects, small deformation, high precision, low energy consumption, non-contact, and automatic processing. It gradually replaces traditional processing methods and is widely used in cutting, welding, marking, engraving, surface treatment and 3D Printing and other fields.

water chiller

S&A /Hanli Water Chiller

A chiller is a cooling device that can provide constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure. It plays a very important role in the process that requires cooling in industrial production.

france schneider electrical part

France Schneider Electrical Part

When a short circuit occurs in the circuit, the circuit breaker acts instantaneously to disconnect the power supply and protect the circuit. If a person gets an electric shock, the circuit breaker will act instantaneously to cut off the power supply, which can play a security role.

smc pneumatic

Japanese SMC Pneumatic Components

SMC pneumatic components have high reliability, superior performance and reasonable design, and are widely used in industrial automation, robotics, aviation, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances and many other fields.

Precision Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Effect

At DOWELL laser, we only select the best and most affordable small size precision laser cutting machine equipment for you.
Professional and technical personnel conduct technical training 1 to 1 and serve you 7*24 hours!

Our small size precision laser cutters can cut a wide variety of materials including metal, brass, silver, stainless steel, acrylic, wood, leather, paper and more.

1390 Precision small steel laser cutter Application

  • 3C industry products: small metal thin shell structural parts, especially suitable for digital product shells
  • 2D laser processing after stamping.
  • Automobile tire molds: small steel sheet cutting for tire molds.
  • Metal glasses industry: cutting glasses legs, glasses frames.
  • Metal jewelry industry: various metal jewelry hollow cutting.
  • Precision cutting of metal and alloy sheets in other 3C industries.

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Dowell laser employees work scene

The installer is composing the laser cutting machine

workers are installing laser cutter lines

Workers are installing laser cutting machine lines

the assembler carefully assembles the fiber laser cutting machine equipment

The assembler carefully assembles the fiber laser cutting machine equipment

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