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sheet metal bending machine

what is a sheet metal bending machine

DOWELL 1200 Multilateral sheet metal bending machine, also known as Flexible Bending Center, is a new type of fully automatic CNC equipment that can perform multilateral bending. It is also a new starting point for the sheet metal industry to enter automated production. It can save a lot of labor and is faster than CNC bending machines. 3 times, the accuracy can be controlled within 3 seconds, and the entire process is operated by full servo control.

Product features

dw-1200 Parameter configuration

Main configuration of sheet metal bender

High standard casting bed

The core frame of the equipment is made of high-grade QT500-7 and gray iron 250 castings. The entire machine is designed and produced in accordance with high-precision machine tool standards. Both castings and welding parts have undergone strict stress relief treatment. Finally, high-precision testing instruments are used to strictly control the machine to ensure long-term operating accuracy, stability and high rigidity of the machine.

Loading and unloading bending mechanical arm

The drive of the mechanical arm is uniformly controlled by the bending center control system, and the program is set according to the processing plan.
Programming is simple and fast. The program library can store multiple programs. Program once and call it directly when replacing a new workpiece.
Yes, easy and quick maintenance

Machine supporting display

Adopting Taiwan’s new generation CNC system, specializing in the development of CNC equipment systems. After in-depth development by Multi-dimensional CNC Company,
Precisely realizes the perfect matching of concurrent linkage of all axes of the equipment, making programming faster and easier

NLKER bending center control system

  • Support Ethernet CAT high-speed bus
  • Two-dimensional drawing process programming
  • Automatic tool magazine control function with real-time alarm, stable and reliable

Core components display

Taiwan’s MYE TBI heavy-duty grinding-grade screw is selected for more stable transmission and higher precision.

Taiwan PMI/SHAC heavy-duty high-precision roller linear rails are selected, with greater load-bearing capacity and higher precision.

Bending tools. Servo motor, TBI guide rail

The automatic bending has high precision and performance, improves the bending speed, has stable performance and is more durable.

bending examples

  • Flexible steel plate bending center, no mold is required for plate bending, and various complex shapes can be bent;
  • It can bend right angles, non-right angles, arcs, upward folds, downward folds and other complex shapes, and is used in the field of metal forming of different workpieces in different industries.
  • Easily realize arc, dead edge, return, closed and other complex sheet metal bending requirements.

bending examples

bending effect
bending effect
bend rounded corners
bend rounded corners
sheet metal benders
sheet metal benders

How much does sheet metal bender machine cost?

Metal bender tool because the manufacturer branding impression, configuration, after-sales services, delivery period is different, the price disparity is also very large, the price of different tonnage is different, generally ranging from $20,000 to $3,000,000, specific can consult suppliers or factories.

Application areas

It meets the plate length requirements of filing cabinets, electrical cabinets, commercial kitchenware, refrigeration equipment, decorative curtain walls, interior decoration and other industries. It has fast up and down bending speed, fast rotation speed, fast tool change speed, and continuously shortens the bending time on the four sides. It has unique With the automatic adaptation function of rotation efficiency, the system automatically calculates the rotation efficiency according to the size of the workpiece, so that a larger amount of workpieces can be completed in the same time.

FAQ about metal sheet Flexible Bending Center

The maximum processing plate size is 2500mmx1500mm, and it controls a total of 10 axes including X, Y, C, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, W1, W2, and P.

We are a professional laser equipment manufacturer for 15 years and a professional bending machines manufacturer.

The difference lies in production efficiency.
Forming multi-sided flexible bending and unilateral bending at one time requires workers to adjust one direction after bending, and the efficiency of the two is different.


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