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DOWELL Hydraulic bending machine is specially used for sheet metal machine tools. It is mainly used for bending metal materials. It is suitable for a single process and cannot realize other processing processes.

what is a Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Hydraulic CNC bending machine is a machine tool equipment that folds, bends or bends metal sheets into shape. Workpieces that can be bent into various geometric cross-section shapes. It is a plate forming machine specially designed for cold rolled plate processing. It has the characteristics of good rigidity and good stability. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable when processing metal.

Hydraulic CNC bending machine types:

Hydraulic CNC bending machines can be divided into horizontal machines and vertical machines according to their different body positions. Horizontal machines are suitable for small and medium-sized plate processing, while vertical machines are suitable for bending large plates.

Hydraulic CNC bending machines can also be divided into down-bending machines and up-bending machines according to their down-bending and up-bending methods.
The lower bending machine is a commonly used hydraulic CNC bending machine that can complete most plate processing tasks. The upper bending machine is suitable for processing some special-shaped plates.

Hydraulic CNC bending machines can also be divided into semi-automatic machines and fully automatic machines. Semi-automatic machines require manual operation, while fully automatic machines can complete automated plate bending processing tasks.

Parameter configuration

Product features

Main configuration of sheet metal bender

Bending machine tool

The machine adopts an overall high-quality steel plate welded structure. The frame is thick and rigid, and the bed is designed and manufactured using the latest technology, with a simple and beautiful appearance.

Rack and upper working slide

The surface of the machine is sprayed with imported anti-rust primer and topcoat to make the machine look like new for a long time. The frame and upper working slide are processed by imported large-scale CNC floor boring and milling precision machines to ensure the positioning requirements of each mounting surface.

Main body structure

This component is a frame-shaped structure, consisting of workbench vertical plates, left and right side plates, and connecting beams. The steel plate is integrally welded, which has good resistance to distortion and deformation; shot peening and other processes eliminate internal stress to ensure stable overall accuracy; the deformation of the bending slide plate is small, ensuring straightness and angle consistency.

Hydraulic system

It adopts the original Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system assembly in Germany, with integrated design, compact structure and strong sealing performance.

Cylinder sealing ring

The seal ring of main oil cylinder adopts the original seal ring of JAPAN NOK,which has superior

sealing performance, reliable operation and long service life.

Suspension arm system

More ergonomic suspension arm system, set a reasonable rotation radius, more flexible and easy to operate.

bending examples

Hydraulic bending machine uses: suitable for sheet metal industries such as iron plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, cardboard, gold steel mesh, etc. It is suitable for bending metal sheets of different materials and thicknesses, and can meet the processing needs of different workpieces.

At the same time, on a hydraulic bending machine, molds of different shapes can be replaced as needed, further expanding its processing range.

The hydraulic bending machine can also be matched with other equipment to form a production line to achieve automated production.
The hydraulic bending machine can be connected with shears, punches and other equipment to achieve continuous and efficient metal sheet processing.

bending examples

bending effect
bending effect
bend rounded corners
bend rounded corners
sheet metal benders
sheet metal benders

How much does sheet metal bender machine cost?

Metal bender tool because the manufacturer branding impression, configuration, after-sales services, delivery period is different, the price disparity is also very large, the price of different tonnage is different, generally ranging from $20,000 to $3,000,000, specific can consult suppliers or factories.

If you want to know more about the  price of cnc sheet metal bending machine cost, you can consult us.

Application areas

It meets the plate length requirements of filing cabinets, electrical cabinets, commercial kitchenware, refrigeration equipment, decorative curtain walls, interior decoration and other industries. It has fast up and down bending speed, fast rotation speed, fast tool change speed, and continuously shortens the bending time on the four sides. It has unique With the automatic adaptation function of rotation efficiency, the system automatically calculates the rotation efficiency according to the size of the workpiece, so that a larger amount of workpieces can be completed in the same time.

FAQ about sheet metal bending machine

The maximum processing plate size is 2500mmx1500mm, and it controls a total of 10 axes including X, Y, C, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, W1, W2, and P.

We are a professional laser equipment manufacturer for 15 years and a professional bending machines manufacturer.

The difference lies in production efficiency.
Forming multi-sided flexible bending and unilateral bending at one time requires workers to adjust one direction after bending, and the efficiency of the two is different.


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