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3 in 1 laser welding machine

3 in 1 laser welding machine

DOWELL 3 in 1 laser welding machine (laser welder cutter cleaner ) is a kind of laser welding, cleaning and cutting three technologies combined in one device, it is a relatively advanced laser technology at present, it can be used for multiple purposes, saving costs.

At present, 3in1 laser cutting and welding machine is widely used in kitchen utensils, machinery production, automobile manufacturing, ship industry and other industrial machinery production.

3 In 1 Welder fiber welder cleaning machine

The 3 in 1 laser welding machine is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows for easy operation. It also has a compact design, making it ideal for small workshops and businesses.

3 In 1 Laser Welder Cleaner Cutter control system, flexible switching of welding, cleaning and cutting, one device replaces the original three, taking into account efficiency and quality, powerful functions; all parameters are visible, real-time monitoring of the machine status, avoiding problems in advance, convenient for troubleshooting and solving problems, Make sure the system works stably

Specification of Laser 3 in 1 welding machine

3 in 1 welding machines video

fiber welder cleaning machine for Sale Type

3 in1 laser welding cleaning cutting machine

Power size:1000w 1500w 2000w 3 In 1 Handheld Laser Welding Machine

3 in 1 laser welding cleaning cutting machine

Power size: 3000w 3 In 1 handheld laser cutting and welding

fiber welder cleaning machine features

Easy to operate, no experience required

You can start welding with simple training, no need for professional teachers and test certificates, etc., to achieve different The welding method of the same type of joint, the welding quality is good, and the workpiece is not deformed

Fast welding speed saves cost

3-5 times faster than traditional welding, each machine can save 2 welders per year on average, and the life of consumables is less Long, beautiful welds, no weld scars, reduce the cost of subsequent grinding treatment, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Kirin Double Oscillating Welding Head

Dual swing welding torches, adjustable spot width, can perform various welding methods such as angle welding and wire feeding welding, which can be switched according to the actual situation.

Small size and easy to carry

The equipment is compact in size, which has obvious advantages. It is 780*width*380*580*height, and weighs 70KG.

welding and cutting machine Component

laser welder

welding process

It has multiple advantages such as simple operation, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed, small size and convenient transportation.
In terms of welding metal materials such as thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates, and aluminum alloys, it can perfectly replace traditional argon arc welding, electric welding and other processes.

laser welders

cleaning process

The operation is simple, the installation is convenient, and automation can be realized. It can be cleaned without chemical reagents, media, dust, and water when it is powered on, and can remove resin, paint, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, platings, and oxide layers on the surface of objects

laser cutters

cutting process

Suitable for cutting a variety of materials, this is a versatile cutting tool.
High-speed laser cutting, small thermal reaction zone, smooth cut surface without deformation.

Technical characteristics of welding cutting machine head

Technical features of Kirin double swing welding head

Kirin double-oscillating welding head, the welding head can automatically feed wire, and can realize spot, line, circle, circular triangle and eight-shaped welding, etc. Its unique wedge-shaped vibration mode widens the weld seam and makes the laser Welding applications are more extensive. For larger workpieces, workpieces with wider weld seams can achieve high-efficiency and precise laser welding, and the welding quality is significantly better than that of ordinary welding heads. The quality is better.

laser welding head

Compared with traditional welding methods

manual mig welding

Manual MIG welding

Consuming wire, the material needs to be pre-cleaned and beveled before fully penetrating thick metal. Due to the limited welding direction and operating angle, vertical welding is extremely challenging.

manual tig welding

Manual TIG welding

The welding seam has a shallow depth of penetration and a wide melting width. Only thin plates can be welded, and the deformation is large. High current will also cause melting and evaporation of the tungsten electrode. Manual wire filling is difficult and inefficient.

handheld laser

Handheld Laser Welding

The operation is simple, the fusion is deep, the speed is fast, the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, the deformation is small, the subsequent grinding process is reduced, and beautiful products can be welded without a master.

Technical characteristics of laser cleaning head

laser cleaner head
handheld laser cleaning
laser derusting equipment
  • The hand-held structure is simple, light, ergonomically designed, easy to operate, and the front end can be detached to achieve automatic focus.
  • The operation interface provides 7 cleaning modes
  • It can be switched by clicking the scanning mode option on the interface (cycle switching): linear mode, rectangular mode, circular mode, sine mode, double helix mode
    mode, free mode and ring.
  • Ergonomic design greatly reduces the labor intensity of operation; high cleaning efficiency saves time;

cut sample

High electro-optical conversion efficiency, can be used for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials

copper plate
stainless steel
aluminum plate

welding and cutting machine Application

Laser welder 3 in 1 cleaning cutting Machine is widely used in automobile manufacturing, fitness equipment, aerospace, electronic technology, medical equipment and jewelry making industries.

3 in 1 welder and cutter

  • Installation: Engineers go to the installation site designated by the customer, install the equipment according to the company’s procedures, and give feedback on the progress;
  • Acceptance: After the engineer installs and debugs the equipment, he completes the acceptance according to the “Equipment Acceptance Report”;
  • Training: Engineers train customers according to the company’s procedures, and the equipment can be officially used after training .

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