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Bevel laser cutting machine breaks through the traditional straight cutting method and realizes biaxial swing. It supports four bevel cutting forms of V/X/Y/K. It can process curved contour bevels, improve work efficiency and save labor. .

what is bevel Laser Cutting Machine

Bevel Laser Cutting Machinecan complete a variety of bevel cutting forms at one time, helping construction machinery to achieve any angle cutting within 0~ ± 45 °, focusing on high-power thick plate cutting requirements, stable and efficient cutting, and can easily cope with the cutting conditions of 20-50mm medium and thick plates.
The bevel fiber laser cutting machine is formed at one time, and the large-format thick plate cutting effect is better. The laser cutting machine format can be customized, and the hard core bevel cutting process makes cutting easier.

Bevel laser cutting machines video

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cutting bevel on laser cutter

bevel Laser Cutter parameters

Processing Area (Length × Width)6000mm × 2500mm8000mm × 2500mm10000mm × 2500mm12000mm × 2500mm
X-Axis Travel6050mm8050mm10050mm12050mm
Y-Axis Travel2540mm2540mm2550mm2550mm
Z-Axis Travel350mm350mm350mm350mm
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/m±0.03mm/m±0.03mm/m±0.03mm/m
Repeatability Accuracy±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm
Max Linkage Speed100m/min100m/min100m/min100m/min
Max Acceleration1G1G1G1G
Max Worktable Load7000KG/single worktable9400KG/single worktable12000KG/single worktable14000KG/single worktable

bevel cut Features

Visual Calibration

Utilizes a visual calibration device for high model parameter accuracy with a short time investment. One-click calibration for convenient acquisition, and subsequent maintenance does not rely on mechanical adjustments.

Normal Vector Following

Addresses the issue of uniform bevel cutting dimensions under different angles and nozzle situations through a special algorithm. Eliminates the need for separate compensation for each scenario.

Bevel Subdivision

Offers flexibility for customers who may prefer a single cut, multiple cuts, or partial single cuts (e.g., cutting concave parts with positive cuts). who may prefer a single cut, multiple cuts, o Even in the case of subdividing cuts, setting bevel attributes after explosion is not inconvenient. Introduces a CAD processing method that allows separate configuration of trajectories for each part without exploding the base map.

Bevel Extension

Automatically optimizes the non-closed paths in the toolpath after the subdivision of cuts, addressing any issues.

laser cutting cut

  • It supports oblique perforation and precise positioning after perforation. Straight perforation of some parts will inevitably damage the parts.
  • Provides craft mark points to solve the individual editing needs of special craft scenes such as corners.
  • It supports two corner movement modes: “direct transition” and “corner normal vector optimization”, taking into account both cutting requirements for stability and cutting quality.
  • Through “automatic knife dividing”, one-size-fits-all cutting and multiple-cutting can be quickly realized.
  • Brand new vibration suppression solution. Supports perforation and slag removal process.
  • Supports nano micro-connection to avoid the contradiction between thick plates falling off in advance and being unable to cut materials.

How is Bevel Laser Cutting Machine price

The price of cut bevels on a laser cutter depends on the thickness of the plate being cut, the power used, and the price. The general price is around US$63285.93-191264.14. For details, you need to consult the Fiber Laser Bvel Cutting Machine manufacturer.

Cutting sample effect


Laser bevel cutting machines are widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, nuclear power and wind power industries, and can effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of metal sheet processing.



The shipbuilding industry has very high precision requirements for metal plate processing. Laser bevel cutting machines can bevel cut metal plates of different shapes and angles, providing an efficient and accurate processing method for shipbuilding.

Laser bevel cutting machines are widely used in the field of shipbuilding and can be used for processing ship hulls and ship plates, such as hull cabinets, watertight valve chips, vertical bevels, etc.

wind power industry

Wind power industry

The wind power industry requires a large amount of metal materials for It can be used to process metal products such as wind power towers, tower mouths, and tower bottom rings. Especially in large-scale wind power construction, the use of laser bevel cutting machines can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

petrochemical and nuclear power industries

Petrochemical and nuclear power industries

The petrochemical and nuclear power industries also have very high precision requirements for metal sheet processing. Laser bevel cutting machines can cut metal sheets into different shapes and angles with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. It can be used for processing petrochemical pipelines and nuclear power main pipelines, as well as bevel processing of various valves, expansion joints, accessories and other products.


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