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DOWELL 12m side mounted laser tube cutting machine can easily handle 12-meter long heavy-duty pipes, and can cut, punch and other precise cutting on the pipes.

heavy duty laser tube cutter

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features of a heavy-duty laser tube cutting machine:

  • High power laser: These machines typically use a high-power fiber laser, ranging from 4,000 watts to 12,000 watts or more. This allows them to cut through thick metals, such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Large cutting diameter: Heavy-duty laser tube cutting machines can handle tubes and pipes with a large diameter, up to 500 mm (19.68 inches) or more.
  • Automatic chuck system: The machine uses a chuck system to grip and rotate the tube as it is being cut. This ensures that the cut is accurate and consistent.
  • Beveling capability: Many heavy-duty laser tube cutting machines can create beveled cuts. This is important for applications such as welding, where the cut edges need to be prepared for joining.
  • Fast cutting speeds: These machines can cut at high speeds, which helps to improve productivity.
  • Advanced software: Heavy-duty laser tube cutting machines are equipped with advanced software that allows for nesting (optimizing placement of parts on the material to minimize waste) and programming of complex cuts.

Heavy Duty Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Dowell heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine types include semi-automatic side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine and three-chuck side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine. Different chucks and 9m 12m 24m bed can be customized according to customer needs.


A heavy-duty laser tube cutting machine is a powerful industrial machine used for cutting thick metal tubes and pipes with high precision. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications in industries like aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, and oil and gas.

heavy duty laser tube cutting machine

2 chuck semi-automatic side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine

Semi-automatic loading, saving time, can achieve fast cutting, and the front chuck can realize follow-up cutting

3 chuck heavy duty side mount laser tube cutting machine

3 Chuck Heavy Duty Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The pneumatic chuck has a large and adjustable automatic clamping force, no fear of loosening and slipping when cutting heavy pipes, and no deformation when clamping light and thin pipes


China Side Mount Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Manufacturer Supplier

Cutting Material

It can cut heavy I-beam, special-shaped pipe, angle steel, channel steel, round pipe and square pipe
Cutting material stainless steel, broken steel, aluminum, copper, iron, etc.
It can cut, punch, cut arcs, slot and other processing on metal pipes. The CNC cutting system software can cut any graphics

laser cut i beam

Laser cut I-beam

laser cut square tube

Laser cut square tube

laser cut channel steel

Laser cut channel steel

laser cut round tube

Laser Cut Round Tube


Suitable for heavy pipe cutting industries, such as shipbuilding, engineering machinery, power towers, bridge construction, tunnel traffic

bridge engineering

bridge engineering

Steel formwork is the most widely used bridge formwork, most of which are used in: highway bridges, viaducts, overpasses, etc., to pour concrete into beautiful equipment. The quality requirements are relatively high, and certain hardness, strength, precision, etc. must be achieved, so that the bridge can be used safely.
12000W-30000W laser cutting equipment, more suitable for efficient cutting of the entire steel plate and connecting accessories



In the manufacturing process of ships and ferries, new technologies such as laser cutting, cleaning and welding have replaced traditional cutting methods. Marine steel plates require high precision, low noise, good cutting quality, and no secondary processing is required. Using laser cutting technology, not only does not need to use abrasive tools, but also ensures the cutting quality. This provides a guarantee for the quality of raw materials in the shipbuilding industry, thereby reducing the workload of assembly, assembly cycle, waste of materials and labor costs.

power tower

power tower

Power towers use relatively thick metal pipes, so the requirements for cutting are higher. DOWELL large-format high-power laser cut machine medium can solve this processing problem. The 12000W-30000W laser cutting equipment can meet the needs of large plate cutting, Medium and thick plate cutting, ±45° bevel cutting and other needs, high cutting efficiency!

tunnel traffic

tunnel traffic

Pipe laser cutting equipment is often used in the production of various pipes and pipelines in rail transit facilities, lighting in tunnels, ventilation pipes, drainage pipes, etc.
Laser cutting technology is efficient and precise, which can better guarantee the processing quality. strong penetrating power,
Not limited by the hardness and thickness of the pipe, it can cut steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, so it can meet the diverse needs of rail transit facilities.


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