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What is brass laser cutting machine?

Laser cut brass sheet uses the high-energy light speed produced by the laser to quickly evaporate or melt the brass to achieve precise cutting. Not only can it be cut, but it can also be used for punching, lettering and more complicated precision cutting. It can be said It is a multi-purpose machine.

Hot selling brass laser cutting machine

Low Power fiber laser cutter cutting brass sheet

1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w laser cutter is mostly used for cutting metal sheets below 6mm

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For workpieces with high precision requirements, such as metal jewelry, electronics industry

Full enclosed fiber laser cutter brass

For laser cutting equipment above 3000w, the protective cover is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, efficient and convenient

Laser For Brass Cutting Reasons

how to cut brass with laser cutter

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Brass is a highly reflective material, so the requirements for laser cutting are relatively high. Reduce the reflectivity as much as possible to achieve efficient and precise cutting. You can use shorter wavelengths to achieve this function. Experienced suppliers will use it when cutting brass Oxygen is used to assist cutting, and different angles are selected for cutting.

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laser cutting machine for brass sheet

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