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How Does Laser Autofocus Work

One of the advantages of the metal laser cutting machine is that the energy density of the beam is high, so the focal spot diameter will be as small as possible in order to produce extremely tiny slits.

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How Should the Laser Welding Maintain?

The handheld laser welding machine is a precision instrument, which has certain requirements for the space environment where it is placed. And many manufacturers have encountered unexplained equipment efficiency degradation or even damage, these are due to the placement of the handheld laser welding machine storage or in the process of using the process of not paying attention to environmental issues, so how to change the placement of the handheld laser welding machine ?

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Tips about When Buying a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Service

Are you worried about the high purchase price when choosing a CNC laser cutting machine, worried about being cheated of money, worried about product quality, worried about service life, worried about after-sales, worried about distance, etc., this article will help you Answer this question

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