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4 Factors Tell You Whether I Should Buy A Second-hand Metal Laser Cutting Machine

The price of metal laser cutting machine equipment varies from hundreds of thousands to millions. For many customers, the market price is a bit high. After all, everyone is in business. Many places need to use capital turnover, so the budget is not enough. If so, do you want to buy second-hand laser cutting machinery and equipment?

If you need to buy second-hand laser cutting machinery and equipment, you can also refer to the following 4 points:

Service life consumption of fiber laser

As one of the key components of the metal laser cutting machine equipment, the laser generator is extremely expensive. The output power of the laser generator of the long-used metal laser cutting machine equipment will gradually lose.

If this metal laser cutting machine is used for a long time, then the output power of the laser generator is likely to be relatively large. The output power of the laser generator is reduced, the thickness of the laser cutting is reduced, and the laser cutting speed will also be reduced. Reduce accordingly. The cost of replacing the laser generator is very large. If you need to buy, you can also check the purchase and sale contract of machinery and equipment, and check whether it has been used for too long

The performance of second-hand equipment is lagging, which affects the later refined production

However, this reason will not cause great harm to consumers. If the machinery and equipment can still be laser cut normally, there is no problem.

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After-sales maintenance service is serious, unable to contact the factory

The warranty period of most second-hand metal laser cutting machine equipment has already expired. If a problem occurs outside the warranty period, customers usually cannot contact the factory immediately. The laser generator cutting machine manufacturers do not know that the machinery and equipment they have sold have long been sold. Transfer, there is no way to give accurate after-sales maintenance service identification and overhaul. If you want to replace spare parts, then the maintenance cost is very high, which is particularly undesirable for customers

Incomplete parts, endangering the progress of laser cutting

Usually when customers buy new machinery and equipment, the merchant will send out consumable accessories, spare parts, etc., such as: different specifications of nozzles, ceramic rings, maintenance eyeglasses, etc. However, if you buy second-hand metal laser cutting machine equipment immediately, these spare parts are usually not available, which also invisibly increases the cost of customers using second-hand metal laser cutting machine equipment.

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Second-hand metal laser cutting machine equipment also has its own reason. In short, consumers need to understand the information of the machine and equipment according to their own needs to make the correct choice. In the final analysis, the purchase of machinery and equipment is to improve production. Efficiency, the effect of improving economic returns, if you can’t use it after purchase, it’s really a big loss. Although the price of buying second-hand metal laser cutting machine equipment is cheap, you will pay for it after all.

Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen

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