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Differences Between 12kw Laser Cutter Vs 20kw

With the rapid development of the industrial market, 10kw+ laser cutting machine products are becoming increasingly stable; with the continuous development of the requirements of the intelligent manufacturing industry, many products in the subdivided cutting field now have heavy workloads and high cutting process requirements, causing everyone to focus on high power The high-speed laser cutting machine is on.

The current mainstream 12kw laser cutter and 20000W laser cutting equipment are popular products on the market. The characteristics, technical parameters and application cases of these two types of equipment will be introduced in detail below.

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High power laser cutting equipment power

high-power laser cutting equipment, 10kw laser cutting machine, 12kw laser cutter, 15kw fiber laser, 20kw laser cutting machine, 30kw fiber laser have come out one after another, improving work efficiency and saving labor.

12kw fiber laser and 20kw fiber laser cutting machine products, from the perspective of wattage power alone, we know that the thickness of the board they can cut is different. The greater the power, the greater the thickness of the cutting board.

12kw Laser Cutter Vs 20kw

Cutting requirements:

The 12000W laser cutting equipment cuts larger cuts in a shorter time and is suitable for cutting various metal materials. The cutting speed can reach thousands of meters per hour, and the cutting quality is excellent, meeting high-precision cutting.

20000W laser cutting equipment is more suitable for batch cutting or cutting larger incisions.

Energy utilization:

Compared with 20,000W laser cutting equipment, 12,000W laser cutting equipment has a lower energy utilization rate and a relatively slow cutting speed.

Cutting efficiency

The cutting efficiency of 20000W is significantly better than that of 12000W, and the cutting efficiency increases by 50-320%. The smaller the thickness of the material, the advantage is not obvious due to excess power; the larger the thickness, the more obvious the advantage.


For production and processing users, processing efficiency determines your income. The higher the power, the higher the efficiency, and then the income is doubled. The processing income obtained with 20000W is 2.4 times that of 12000W.

When cutting stainless steel, the advantage of 20kW laser is significantly higher than 12kW, and when cutting 10mm and 20mm thick stainless steel, the processing income of 20000W is twice that of 12000W.

12kw fiber laser cutting machine enters korea
12kw fiber laser cutting machine enters korea

When cutting 30mm and 40mm thick metal sheets, 20kw laser cutting machine is more effective.

Large laser cutting equipment also has some safety hazards during use. Therefore, during use, we need to strictly follow the operating procedures and strengthen the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

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