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15 years experience in fiber laser cutting machine factory, professional laser cutting machine china manufacturer, one-stop laser cutting equipment supplier, provide the most affordable metal laser cutting machine price

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Dowell laser is a professional china fiber laser cutting machine factory, reliable and experienced exporter. OEM ODM products can be made according to the needs of customers. We provide high-quality products at competitive laser cutting machine prices, as well as excellent customer support and after-sales service.

Fiber laser cutting machine

Metal Fiber laser cutting machine

Power 1000-6000w, used to cut different types of industrial metal materials, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and carbon steel, etc.

Tube and Plate Laser Cutting Machine

A dual-purpose CNC laser cutting machine equipment, which can cut plates and pipes, saves costs, is convenient and efficient

Laser pipe cutting machine

Tube Laser cutting machine

Cutting round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes, channel steel and other metal pipes, can be used for cutting, punching, cutting

Fully enclosed laser cutting machine

High power laser cutting machine

1kw-3kw high power fiber laser cutter is mainly used to cut thick carbon steel, mainly used in steel structure, ship manufacturing industry

This is a lightweight and portable handheld laser welding machine with fast welding speed and high precision

laser cleaners (5)

Handheld Laser cleaning machine

Handheld laser cleaning machine is mainly used for metal rust removal on metal surface, light and portable, quick to use

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Application field

The rapid development of science and technology has brought new vitality to industrial intelligence. The advent of fiber laser cutting machines has brought vitality to modern processing equipment companies, reducing traditional work procedures and construction periods, effectively improving production efficiency, and saving labor costs.

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About Dowell Laser

Jinan DOWELL Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with 12 years of cnc laser cutter experience. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of high-tech CNC laser cutting equipment such as fiber laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, plate and tube laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, laser welding machine.

DOWELL Laser has provided services to thousands of customers in 12 years and provided customers with high-quality laser cutting equipment.

Purchasing Steps

We are a china metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, with 12 years of production experience, to provide you with a one-stop fiber laser cutting machine equipment procurement plan And provide the most affordable cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine price. Regardless of your industry or business size, we can help you. We have a team of experts who are as dedicated as your customers.

Why Choose DOWELL Laser

dowell laser cutting machine manufacturers

12 years production experience

12 years of cnc laser cutting machine china manufacturing experience, and obtained several Chinese patents

dowell laser cutting machine factory

Factory scale

10,000 square meters of workshop, equipped with professional and technical personnel, to provide you with a one-stop solution

laser cutting machine suppliers

Standard production process

Professional technicians provide free china fiber laser cutting machine technical support for you, 7*24 hours quick response

cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers

Well received by customers

Products are exported to 60+ countries and regions, serving 10,000+ customers,Excellent quality of laser cutting machine and competitive cnc laser cutting machine price provide us with stable customer support


Strong technical strength

Obtained CE, FDA, ISO9001, SGS, TUV and other certifications,Efficient and fast are the concepts we are constantly pursuing, and creating a professional and complete supplier of sheet metal laser cutting machine is my constant goal.

Dowell laser employees work scene

Improve after-sales service

Production personnel strictly follow the standard production process and testing proces,from the procurement of raw materials to the management of production standards

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China fiber laser cutting machine factory & manufacturers, to provide you with the most affordable laser cutting machine prices

What Clients Say

DOWELL’s fiber laser cutting machine products are exported to 100+ countries, the United States, South Korea, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and other countries, and are favored by customers. We can provide OEM odm fiber laser cutting machine, the most popular in China fiber laser cutting machine factory.


“Amazing at the precision and speed of this laser cutter from DOWELL Laser. It has completely changed the way I approach projects and saved me a lot of time and energy. Highly recommended!”

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Purchasing Manager of Rudolf


“The ease of use of this CNC metal laser cutting machine is unbelievable. It took me no time at all to learn how to use it and the results are amazing every time. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!”

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Machinery Manufacturer


“The service from Dowell CNC Laser Cutter Factory was excellent. The team were very helpful in answering all my questions and making sure the machine was set up correctly. I am very impressed with the service and product.”



Product Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have many questions about DOWELL laser

Hand-held laser welding machine is different according to the material of the plate to be welded, and the welding thickness is different, and the corresponding power is different.

The headset has become an increasingly important product for people to play with. It can not only send music at any time, but also block out the surrounding noise.

When investigating DOWELL laser, you may wonder if DOWELL laser is a real laser cutting machine supplier. I must say that DOWELL is a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer from China, which has been manufacturing for 12 years in China. experience.

The general delivery time of the laser cutting machine is 20 working days, if there are special circumstances, it depends on the situation (such as during the epidemic)

The logistics cost of the fiber laser cutting machine depends on the size, weight, selected shipping method, and shipping address.

To choose a metal laser cutting machine, you must first determine the thickness and size of the sheet you want to cut. Different thicknesses correspond to different cutting powers, and different sizes correspond to different processing formats. Then look at the laser, cutting head, beam, and motor. , Crossbeam, etc. What brand is used

Why Choose DOWELL Laser

Want to buy the best fiber laser cutting machine metal in China, you can consult us for the latest CNC fiber laser cutting machine price


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