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What is structural steel

Steel structure is an energy-saving, environment-friendly and recyclable building structure, which meets the requirements of sustainable and healthy economic development. Steel structures are widely used in various projects.Compared with traditional cutting, ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine has high precision, faster cutting speed than medium power laser cutting machine, strong adaptability and good cutting quality.

Steel structure refers to an engineering structure composed of steel plates, round steel, steel pipes, steel cables and various types of steel, which are processed, connected and installed.

The current popular CNC equipment for cutting steel structures are: flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and so on. But if the thickness of the steel material is within 100mm, you will choose to use a laser cutting machine. After all, there is Less slag, environmental protection, smoothness, and the cutting effect is guaranteed.

Features of structural steel laser cutting :

Bed: 13000*2500mm
Laser cutting power: 12kW, 15kW, 20kW, 30kW
Laser cutting steel thickness: 12-20mm
Cutting materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper plate, pickling plate, galvanized plate, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy.

Composition: 10,000-watt laser, laser cutting head, CNC cutting system, bed, chiller, servo motor, etc.

Compared with traditional cutting, ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine has high precision, faster cutting speed than medium power laser cutting machine, strong adaptability and good cutting quality.

Features of 3D laser cutting:

1. The overall design of the whole machine is simple, the beam adopts linear guide rail movement, helical gear rack transmission, fast speed and high precision.

2. The bed is subjected to high-temperature annealing treatment after welding to eliminate internal stress so that it will not deform during long-term use;

3. The mechanical transmission system all adopts precision rolling bearings and meshing of precision gears and racks with national standard level 7 machining accuracy;

4. The partitioned ventilation structure adopts the patented ventilation structure obtained by our company, which greatly improves the dust removal effect of the equipment.

5. The safety grating design is added at the front and rear of the beam, which effectively prevents the operator from being collided with the cutting beam during the material picking process and protects the safety of personnel.

6. Modular structure design: a machine base of 4 meters is a unit, and a workbench is a unit of 1 meter. It is easy to disassemble and install. Customers can increase the format according to their needs later.

7. Refractory structure: The refractory bricks made of special materials can prevent the burn of the workbench by the power of 10,000 watts, which is economical and durable.

8. Light beam: the aerospace aluminum profile is used to reduce the weight of the beam under the premise of meeting the strength, so that the machine tool has better dynamic performance.

steel laser cutter application

construction industry

Construction industry

Carbon steel laser cutting can cut various construction materials, such as steel structures, steel plates, profiles, etc., and is widely used in various fields of the construction industry.

Splicable and welded steel buildings can be assembled in advance after batch processing in the factory to achieve standardization of design, industrialization of component production, mechanization of construction and assembly.

automobile manufacturing industry

Automobile manufacturing industry

Laser cut steel equipment can cut auto parts, such as: car doors, automobile panels, etc., and is an indispensable equipment in the automobile manufacturing industry.

The laser cutting adopts high-precision and high-efficiency processing methods, which can realize automatic control, reduce manual operations and energy consumption, and thus reduce production costs.

aerospace industry

Aerospace industry

Lasercut steel machine equipment can cut aerospace equipment, such as: aircraft wings, rocket engines, etc., The laser cutter for steel adopts green and environmentally friendly laser cutting technology, which does not produce waste gas, waste water and noise and other pollutants, which is in line with modern environmental protection concepts.

construction machinery manufacturing

Construction machinery manufacturing industry

Steel laser cutter equipment can cut various construction machinery parts, such as track shoes, tires, etc., It can improve production efficiency, processing accuracy and quality, reduce production cost and environmental performance. With the continuous development and progress of technology, the application prospect of laser cutting machine will be broader.

electrical appliance manufacturing industry

Electrical appliance manufacturing industry

Laser to cut steel equipment can cut various electrical components, such as: switches, motor casings, etc., and is an indispensable equipment in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry.

DOWELL steel laser cutters factory

DOWELL laser are a steel structure laser cutting machine manufacturer with more than 13 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on being a leading supplier of high-quality laser cutting machines that can meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We can customize custom laser cutter, power, size, configuration for you, and also design laser cutter drawings according to your needs.

Dowell laser machine has been assembled, tested, and proofed by professional technicians. The complete production process, professional personnel are trained to ensure the normal use of your equipment when it leaves the factory.

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