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three chuck laser pipe cutting machine three chuck laser pipe cutting machine
three chuck laser tube cutting machine three chuck laser tube cutting machine
three chuck tube laser cutting machine three chuck tube laser cutting machine
three chuck tube fiber laser cutting machine three chuck tube fiber laser cutting machine

DOWELL Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine ( pipe laser machine cutting) 1000-4000 watts is fully equipped, adopts three-card linkage, front and rear double pneumatic blessing, cutting quality is better, more stable, and fine cutting


Three-chuck fiber laser tube cutting machine(Three-chuck Laser pipe cutting machine adopts three-card linkage, front and rear dual pneumatic blessing, which can simultaneously step up and perform segmented feeding cutting, so as to achieve zero tail cutting and improve material utilization. Professional pipe cutting equipment, 1000- The 4000-watt equipment is fully equipped, and the machine can be equipped with an optional loading and unloading device. The cutting quality is better, more stable, the cutting is fine, the cut is smooth, no deformation, and no burrs to meet the cutting needs of different users.

three-chuck fiber metal tube laser cutting machine video

6m electric chuck pipe laser cutting machine

model and parameters

laser tube cutting machine body

Heavy duty machine bed

The mechanical part that realizes the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes, including the cutting work platform.

high power laser

fiber-optic laser

The device that produces laser light source, the core component of cnc laser pipe cutting machine

raytools fiber laser cutting head

Fiber cutting head

It mainly includes objects such as cavity, focusing lens seat, focusing mirror, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle. Important components of cnc laser pipe cutter

professional plate cnc cutting system

cnc fiber laser tube CNC system

Control the machine tool to realize the movement of X, Y, and Z axes, and also control the output power of the laser.

water chiller

water Chiller

Used to cool the cnc tube cutting laser generator, to cool down and protect the fiber laser

wireless operating handle

Wireless Operating Handle

The fiber laser cutter pipe remote control handle is easy to operate, and can remotely control the machine for cutting, perforating, moving, calibrating, emergency stop and other operations

advantages of laser pipe cutting machine

1. The three chucks are moved to each other to realize the cutting and cutting off any length of pipe and use the whole pipe as much as possiblea. Realize the pull-type cutting of pipes, greatly improve the cutting accuracy, and can realize zero tail cutting under certain conditions;

b. The drive rack, linear guide, and W-direction rotary drive all adopt high-precision products to ensure the accuracy of transmission;

c. The chuck is controlled by a limit switch and is equipped with a hard limit device to effectively ensure the safety of the machine tool movement;

2. Equipped with Baichu CNC 5000A bus system

With integrated control and three-chuck pull cutting function, it promotes faster and more stable cutting performance

3. Follow-up front receiving device

It can automatically screen material, powder material, and automatically turn over, which can effectively prevent the pipe from sagging and improve mechanical performance.

CNC laser pipe cutter cutting material:

Various pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, flat pipe, U-shaped pipe, channel steel, I-beam, etc., can be processed in the length of 6 meters,

Round tube: the diameter of the circumscribed circle of the workpiece is 15-230mm,

Square tube: the diameter of the circumscribed circle of the workpiece is 15-230mm

stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine
square pipe laser cut
metal round pipe laser cut

fiber pipe cutting laser Application

Sheet metal processing, rail transit, shipbuilding, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery,

Electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, textile machinery, tool processing,

Various machinery manufacturing and processing industries such as petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchenware and bathroom, decorative advertising, laser external processing services, etc.

Exhibition display of CNC laser tube cutting machine

We participate in various industrial exhibitions in China as well as exhibitions abroad to showcase our latest products and innovative technologies, and provide on-site demonstrations and demonstrations. We will also have a professional team on site to answer any questions about our company and products.

Dowell tube laser cutting machine manufacturers production process

What is the tube laser cutting machine price

The price of the pipe cutting equipment produced by DOWELL fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturer, the price of the tube laser cutting machine ranges from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even higher industrial models. Cost is influenced by factors such as fiber laser, power output, tube diameter and length capabilities, automation features, and overall build quality.

It is recommended to contact various china square pipe fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers or suppliers to obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information based on your specific requirements and customization options. They can provide you with detailed round pipe cutting machine quotes and help you choose the most suitable cnc laser tube cutter within your budget.

after-sales service

Free sample cutting service

Provide you with proofing and cutting services for free, we will live video broadcast with you in the factory, you can see the cutting process and results, or send samples to you

Design solutions

According to your product processing requirements, we provide you with unique product solutions to improve production efficiency and better processing quality.

Customized machine design

According to the customer’s application, we may modify our machine according to the customer’s convenience and high production efficiency.

Enhanced material capabilities

If there is a quality problem with the parts of the system during the warranty period, our company’s service engineer will provide telephone or on-site service at any time

ilfelong maintenance services

Provides equipment-related consultation and guidance at any time. After the warranty period, our company still provides customers with extensive and preferential technical support and spare parts supply.

After receiving the anti-expensive time

the effective time is 2 hours to communicate through telephone communication. After the equipment warranty expires, maintenance services will be provided for life.

DOWELL laser pipe cutting services

cutting head installation

Pipe cutting laser machin cutting head assembly, professional technicians test and use safety

rail maintenance

The cnc laser tube cutter guide rail is sprayed for protection before assembly to ensure safety during use

rail installation

Fiber laser pipe cutter guide rail accuracy test to ensure the accuracy of cutting products


china square pipe fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers

DOWELL Fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturer has focused on laser equipment services for 13 years. Our cnc fiber laser tube includes electric chuck pipe laser cutting machine, automatic loading and unloading, 2 chucks, 3 chucks and other types of cnc tube cutting to meet different customers According to the cutting needs, you can cut steel tube, square pipe, rectangular steel pipe, etc.

three chuck laser tube cutting machine

china pipe cutting machine factory

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