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Since 2008

DOWELL Laser was established in 2008. After 13 years laser cutting machine supplier, it has been dedicated to the production, research and development, and sales of fiber laser cutters, laser tube cutting machines, laser welding machines, Laser rust removal machine and other laser cutting equipment. It provides one-stop laser equipment solutions. One of the few china china metal laser cutter manufacturers in the industry with independent research and development capabilities.

DOWELL metal laser cutting machine factory products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Southeast Asia. The company fully absorbed the advanced concepts in the international laser field, independently developed a series of laser cutting equipment products, injected new optical, mechanical, and electrical integrated technical solutions to achieve a perfect combination of performance, precision, and appearance.

DOWELL laser machine Business Philosophy


High quality is our pursuit. The main components of the equipment adopt original imported components, large-scale production, excellent product quality, professional user training and perfect after-sales service are the basis to ensure user satisfaction.


Customer first is our pursuit of philosophy, fully absorbing the concept of manufacturing technology in the laser field, large-scale production, excellent product quality, professional user training, and perfect after-sales service are the basis for ensuring user satisfaction.


Provide employees with greater behavioral capabilities, complete resume communication and learning, promote awareness of processes and results, improve execution and continuous learning capabilities

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Meet DOWELL laser machine team

Although the price of our laser cutter for sale is relatively high, the quality is outstanding. Overseas sourcing is tired of this low quality product. Because we have better optimized the process, let us consider the production speed at the same time, and the production cost is lower, so we created the DOWELL brand.


DOWELL Laser employee display


DOWELL Laser 10th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Meeting

Technical team

Professional technical team, 1 to 1 technical support


DOWELL laser activity, lucky draw

DOWELL CNC metal laser cutter factory

We can provide you with first-class china laser cnc machine factory , laser tube cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine and so on! Don't hesitate to contact us immediately.

DOWELL LASER all over the world

Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co.Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality fiber laser cutting systems in China, our machines are exported to more than 80 countries around the world, we have served more than 800 satisfied customers. To provide our customers with the latest technology and innovations in laser cutter for metal.

Our laser cutting cnc equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, laser accessories use the highest quality materials and components, and are committed to providing customers with the most advanced and reliable laser metal cutter on the market. We have a professional after-sales technical team to ensure that you are satisfied with every purchase. Thank you for choosing our CNC metal cutting laser factory!

Product Advantages

The biggest advantages of our laser cutter machines are their fast cutting speed, high precision, and favorable price, which can save you more costs.

We have been engaged in CNC laser cutter for metal manufacturers for 13 years. Because of the preferential price of goods, it used to be mainly for customers in China. Now because the company’s business needs to create a website, it is convenient for foreign customers to understand us more comprehensively and make it easier for you to make better purchases. Decided.

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Platform Advantages

We have been building an internal platform in China before, but in recent years, based on market feedback and the company’s business development, we have decided to expand the company’s scale by expanding into a foreign market, so we need to build a website for marketing and merchandising.

Although the prices of competitors’ products are very low, the quality is poor, and overseas purchases are tired of such inferior products.

DOWELL LASER office address

We have professional technicians to provide you with professional fiber laser cutter technical support


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