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China Side Mounted Laser Tube Cutting Machine

DOWELL 12m side mounted laser tube cutting machine is a specialized equipment designed for cutting long and heavy-duty pipes or tubes using a high-powered laser beam. 

Unlike traditional laser cutters with a top-mounted laser head, the laser in a side-mounted machine is positioned on the side of the cutting bed.

heavy duty laser tube cutting machine

Side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine video


Side Mounted Laser Tube Cutting Machine features

heavy duty laser tube cutting machine


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Main configuration

Focus laser cutting head

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cutting system

Bus control system, fast dynamic response, high signal transmission efficiency, simplified lines and good stability. Easy to operate, the 3D model displays the processing path in real time


Greatly reduces the processing heat-affected zone; reliable performance, modular all-fiber design, all optoelectronic devices are packaged in a solid casing, able to withstand harsh industrial application conditions.

Side-hanging structure

After annealing to eliminate internal stress, rough machining is performed, then vibration aging is performed, and then fine machining is performed, thereby greatly improving the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool.

Semi-automatic loading device

Equipped with a semi-automatic loading system, it supports loading of multiple tube types. Automatic loading can be achieved by simply placing multiple tubes on the conveyor belt.

Can avoid high-precision pneumatic chuck

It can control the cutting head or chuck, one-click clamping, automatic centering, offside avoidance, improve machine tool processing capabilities, reduce tailings, strong stability, improve efficiency,

Laser pipe cutting machine processing capabilities

Power (Watts)Carbon Steel (Oxygen)Stainless Steel (Air)Aluminum Alloy (Air)Brass (Air)

Cutting Material

It can cut heavy I-beam, special-shaped pipe, angle steel, channel steel, round pipe and square pipe
Cutting material stainless steel, broken steel, aluminum, copper, iron, etc.
It can cut, punch, cut arcs, slot and other processing on metal pipes. The CNC cutting system software can cut any graphics

laser cut i beam

Laser cut I-beam

laser cut square tube

Laser cut square tube

laser cut channel steel

Laser cut channel steel

laser cut round tube

Laser Cut Round Tube


Side-mounted laser tube cutting machines find applications in various industries, such as oil and gas, power generation, shipbuilding, construction, and manufacturingwhere cutting and processing of long and heavy-duty pipes or tubes is required.


CHINA Side-mounted heavy-duty laser tube cutter manufacture

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