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The production of jewelry is quite complex and tedious in traditional crafts, and precision and details are very important. Laser cutter for metal jewelry  ( metal letter laser cutter,jewellery laser cutter, metal cutting machine for jewelry) is mainly used to cut fine metal sheets, providing an efficient, simple and precise cutting method for complex crafts. Laser cutter for metal jewelry or engraving various metals.

Laser cut metal jewelry can cut gold, silver, brass, titanium and platinum, silver sheet. On the metal sheet, CAD software can be used to design and cut high-precision and complex design appearances.

Laser name jewelry cutting machine/jewelry name plate cutting machine can be used to cut metal letters, names as necklaces, jewelry and the like

metal jewelry industry

jewelry laser cutter machine use

Jewelry cutting has high requirements for the precision of the cut product effect, most of which are used in cool things to laser cut, laser cut necklace, nameplate jewelry, jewelry laser cut, laser cutting sterling silver sheet, metal letter 

Advantages of laser cutting for jewelry:

1. High precision marble bed with high stability
2. High-precision servo motor and high-precision lead screw ensure better cutting effect
3. The closed operating table reduces the intrusion of dust and is cleaner
4. The operation surface is simple and the use efficiency is high
5. Multilingual CNC operating system, easy to use, fast and efficient

laser metal cutting machine jewelry
Metal cutting machine for jewelry price depends on the table top, the selected power, configuration, laser, etc., and the price is also different. If you want to buy the best laser cutter for jewelry, metal laser letter cutting machine, you can consult us.
China fiber laser metal cutting machine suppliers is one of the most popular jewelry laser cutter manufacturers in China. It has been focusing on the production and development of laser equipment for 13 years. It has gone abroad to 80+ countries, such as South Korea, the United States, Canada, Poland, Russia and other countries. It focuses on OEM ODM and can customize laser cut jewelry service, with a professional design and development team.

how about jewelry laser cutting machine price

The price of laser cutter for metal jewelry depends on whether you are cutting gold silver, the thickness is different, the required power is different, the price is very different, the general market price is around $30000-$50000, China fiber laser cutter manufacturers are professional Produce laser cutting equipment, if you want to know specific laser cutting jewelry machine information, you can consult jinan dowell laser equipment.

metal jewelry industry

laser gold cutting machine for necklace pendant

High-precision fiber gold cutting machine can be used to cut small-format bracelets, metal letters, metal nameplates, custom laser cut charms, silver necklaces, metal letters,laser cut pendant,nemeplates metal fonts, small heat impact, fast cutting speed, and the cut things are better than traditional crafts Beautiful, without secondary processing, saving more time and improving work efficiency.

custom laser cut charms

At present, the above laser cut jewelry machine for sale usually has a table top of 1300*900mm or 2500*1300mm, DOWELL jewelry china fiber laser metal cutting machine manufacturers can customize laser cut jewelry according to the needs of customers.

laser cutting silver sheet necklace jewellery

Silver is an excellent conductor and can be cut with laser. If you want to cut it for a long time, you can choose industrial silver laser engraving.

Laser cutting can cut complex and delicate crafts, especially suitable for silver necklaces jewellery. The surface of the cut necklace is clean and smooth and can be matched with various outfits. Laser cut silver necklace can give you the perfect accessory, very suitable for the necklace jewellery industry.

About DOWELL jewelry fiber laser cut machine factory

This automation significantly reduces production time and increases productivity, allowing jewelers to produce more pieces in less time. Besides being efficient, fiber laser cut machine for jewelry is also cost-effective. Jewelry cutting machines are relatively inexpensive to operate and the machines require minimal maintenance. Additionally, the laser cutting process reduces material waste, helping to reduce material costs.

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