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6020 12kw laser cutter

6000*2000 closed style double table 12kw laser cutter for sale

12000w fiber laser cutting machine

The main structure is roughed after stress relief annealing and then subjected to vibration aging treatment for secondary processing. Natural aging can reduce the stress of welding and processing. It has good rigidity and high precision.

12000w fiber laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel thickness: 1-50mm; cutting stainless steel thickness: 1-45mm; aluminum alloy: 1-45mm; brass: 1-20mm

12kw laser cutter

12kw fiber laser cutter machine parameter

12kw fiber laser cutting machine configuration

Bochu black diamond cutting head

BLT641 laser cutting head is adapted to the software HYPCUT8000 system, with a focus range of +50--50; suitable for 10000W-20000W high-power fiber laser cutting.Special optimization and upgrades are carried out in specific environments to achieve long-term reliable and stable operation.

FSCUT 8000 High-power system

A high-end intelligent bus system launched to meet the needs of ultra-high power fiber laser cutting of 8KW and above. It has the characteristics of stability and reliability, convenient deployment, simple debugging, safe production, rich functions and excellent performance;

Dual motor exchange workbench, intelligent and safe

Double interlocking, two worktables move independently, intelligent and safe, accurate positioning, and convenient slag cleaning; The switching station has a high-low design, the structural design is simple and ingenious, the failure rate during switching is low, and the stability is good.

integral welding bed

The fiber laser cutting machine bed is welded with high-strength steel plates. It has a very solid structure and can withstand high-frequency movements and vibrations, ensuring the accuracy and stability of cutting.

MAX Fiber laser

The laser power is continuously adjustable, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the beam quality is high, and the laser stability is high. It is an ideal laser source for thick plate laser cutting.

Cast aluminum beam, flexible and stable, high-speed cutting

It is integrally pressure cast using a 10-ton alloy steel mold, and the beam has good integrity, rigidity, toughness and ductility;

Cut Material samples 

Carbon steel plate cutting:

The laser power ranges from 1000w to 15000w. The laser cutting system can cut carbon steel plates with a thickness of 0-60mm. For thin plates, the cutting slit can be as narrow as about 0.1mm. The heat-affected zone of laser-cut low-carbon steel is extremely small, and the cut surface is flat, smooth, and has good verticality. For high carbon steel, the edge quality of laser cutting is better than that of low carbon steel, but its heat affected zone is larger. Our

Stainless steel cutting:

The laser power ranges from 1000w to 15000w, and laser cutting is easier to cut stainless steel sheets. Use a high-power laser cutting system to cut stainless steel with a thickness of 0-60mm. Our

Aluminum and alloy plate cutting:

Aluminum cutting is a melting cutting, and auxiliary gas is used to blow away the molten material in the cutting area to obtain better cut surface quality. Currently, the aluminum plate supports cutting thickness of 45mm.

12000w fiber laser cutting machine

china 12000w fiber laser cutting machine suppliers

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steel cutting laser assembly
metal laser machine debugging
laser metal cutting accuracy test

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