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How Should the Laser Welding Machine be Kept?

The handheld laser welding machine is a precision instrument, which has certain requirements for the space environment where it is placed. And many manufacturers have encountered unexplained equipment efficiency degradation or even damage, these are due to the placement of the handheld laser welding machine storage or in the process of using the process of not paying attention to environmental issues, so how to change the placement of the handheld laser welding machine?

handheld laser welding machine
handheld laser welding machine

Pay attention to the following when using or placing the handheld laser welding machine:

  1. Do not place the handheld laser welding machine in an environment where the space temperature exceeds 0 ℃-50 ℃, and the space humidity exceeds 10%-90%;
  2. The handheld laser welding machine is not suitable for places where the weather and temperature change in a short period of time;
  3. Outdoors where there will be condensation and direct sunlight; avoid placing fiber laser welding in such places to prevent uncertain factors from occurring.
  4. The handheld laser welding machine must not be placed in places where there is too much dust or dust. This needs to be paid attention to. Many manufacturers have low production efficiency due to dust and dust;
  5. The handheld laser welding machine should not be placed in an unstable and susceptible to vibration; because the internal parts of the welding machine are very precise and easy to be shaken, so in order to avoid this situation, do not place it in this place.

In short, when we use it, we must keep in mind that the handheld laser welding machine is a precision instrument, and we must pay attention to the environment and keep it properly.
Remember not to place it at will. After all, the equipment is purchased at a high price. If you send it back to the manufacturer for repair, even if you don’t need the money, it will delay the construction period of the factory, and it may seriously affect the work efficiency.

Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen

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