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3kw Laser Cutter Cutting Stainless Steel Sheet Video

The 3kw laser cutter is relatively high in the current industrial market, and can cut metal sheets 1mm-10mm. Among the major laser cutting suppliers, the 3000 fiber laser cutting machine is the most cost-effective model.

Below is the video of 3kw laser cutter cutting stainless steel plate, you can watch it.

3kw laser cutting capacity :

3000W laser cutting maximum thickness of carbon steel is 20mm, the maximum thickness of stainless steel is 10mm, the maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 8mm, and the maximum thickness of copper plate is 8mm.

laser cutting metal
laser cutting metal

3kw fiber laser cutter cutting 10mm parameters:

  1. Power: 3000W
  2. Laser type: fiber laser, wavelength 10.6μm
  3. Cutting thickness: up to 10mm stainless steel, 6mm steel plate, 8mm aluminum plate
  4. Standard cutting area: 3000mm x 1500mm
  5. Adjustable cutting speed: 0-25000mm/min
  6. Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm
  7. Beam quality: ≥0.9
  8. Pushing speed: the maximum can be adjusted to 15000mm/min
  9. Power supply voltage: 220V
  10. Cooling method: except water cooling

Laser cutting components: mirrors, focusing mirrors, cutting heads, optical filters, electronic filters, position correctors, pushers, etc., can be used to enhance machine performance and cut quality.



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