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When was the World’s First Laser Rust Remover Invented

Laser rust remover is very common in the current cleaning and rust removal market. It is environmentally friendly and safe and has zero contact. It is favored by business owners. The world’s first laser rust remover appeared in 1965.

Development history of laser rust removal

  • In 1960, Americans invented the world’s first ruby solid-state laser.
  • In 1961, the first gas laser was invented.
  • The first semiconductor laser was invented in 1962.
  • The first YAG laser was invented in 1965.
  • The discovery of laser rust removal technology was in 1965

In 1965, American Dr. Xiao Luo accidentally irradiated a piece of paper with a laser in a laboratory and found that the laser could quickly vaporize the ink without damaging the paper. After repeated tests, he proposed the concept of “laser erasure” for the first time.

laser derusting

In 1969, the American Bedard used a pulse laser to test the removal of oxides on the surface of nickel. Under appropriate laser parameters, it could clean oxides and sulfides without causing damage to the metal surface, and the cleaning effect was excellent.

Repeated testing found that the selection of laser wavelength and control of laser energy density are the key. Only specific laser wavelengths and appropriate laser energy density can remove oxides without damaging the substrate. Bedard first proposed the concept of “laser cleaning”.

Later, after long-term experiments, we used laser to clean art works, laser to remove oil floating on the water, laser to clean tiny particles of electronic circuit boards, remove aircraft skins, remove paint, remove rust, etc., and did some cleaning of different pollutants on different substrates. Relevant research has developed relevant principles and initially found that laser cleaning has a wide range of applications.

Which brand of laser cleaning machine is the best in the world?

Of course it’s TRUMPF from Germany.

In the segmented field, which brand is the best laser rust remover?

Don’t know yet.

At present, the competition in China’s laser cleaning industry is intense, and hundreds of companies have joined the research and development, production and sales of laser cleaning machines. The representative brands include Dazu, Dunlei, Dapeng, Waterdrop, New Vinci, Minglei, etc. Most of them are derivative brands, sold under the name of laser cleaning machines.



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