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5 axis laser cutting machine

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The 5 axis laser cutting machine is a highly advanced and flexible system that can accurately cut complex 3D shapes and parts.

what is 3D 5 Axis Laser Cutting Machine

Five-axis laser refers to the technology of using five-axis machine tools for laser cutting. This laser cutting technology has high positioning accuracy and cutting quality, can handle workpieces of various shapes, and can be simulated and optimized through CAD software。
The 3D 5 axis laser cutting machine is a laser device specially designed to cut complex curved surfaces with 5-axis motion (X, Y, Z, A, C). Any rotation of the cutting head can achieve N * 360 ° rotation + 135 ‘rotation, capable of accurately cutting complex 3D shapes and reaching critical points for components.
3D 5-axis laser cutting head can precisely control the equipment shaft according to different material thicknesses and welding requirements, breaking through the conventional straight cutting method, supporting cutting K-type, V-type, Y-type, U-type, X-type and other types of grooves, saving production processes, zero-gap cutting reduces welding difficulty, and improves sheet metal processing efficiency.


Advantages of 5 axis laser cutter:

5 axis cnc laser cutting Configuration:

The system consists of a three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting host, laser, chiller, stable power supply, air compressor, three-dimensional cutting head, FANUC control system, etc.

3D five-axis cutting head can rotate freely

The A-axis and B-axis use direct drive motors with no wear, backlash and hysteresis. They use a fully closed-loop annular grating ruler to ensure high precision. The following axis C (4g) ensures the processing head, rapid approach and high-speed position dynamic compensation. Dual Impact Protection System (SIPS)

Fixed structure:

Integral welded steel gantry structure: ensures excellent rigidity and is easy to install. X-axis application linear motor: no reduction gearbox, transmission belt, rack and ball screw. Embed position sensors in linear guides to maintain position accuracy.

Movement structure:

The Z-axis is made of cast aluminum and driven by a brushless motor: high hardness and light The optical path shuttles through the hollow and sealed Z-axis cutting head to focus


Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, 17" LED touch screen monitor and trackball, standard ISO G-code programming format, program editing, preview and tracking functions, automatic inspection and calibration tools, user login permission hierarchical settings, CNC machining parameter database, machine tool Maintenance management

Cutting head-Sips – safety collision protection system

If there is a collision, the nozzle or the entire head will fall off safely, which can effectively deal with collisions in different directions. Both SIPS are magnetic and have positioning pins: they can be reset accurately once loose. No downtime, in case of collision: just reset the latch

Laser cutting samples


Five-axis laser cutting equipment is suitable for Aerospace, automobile steamship, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, household appliance manufacturing, medical apparatus, hardware decoration, fitness equipment, metal external processing services and other manufacturing industries, but the most popular is the application of automobile heat formation.

sheet metal industry

Sheet metal processing

For some high-precision and complex sheet metal parts, they offer the advantages of high cost performance and high performance, and are very popular among sheet metal enterprises

elevator industry

Chassis cabinets and elevators and other industries

The high-performance one-time processing eliminates the tedious process, and the high flexibility solves the problem of multi-material cutting, shortens the proofing cycle, and brings strong competitiveness to customers.

oil pipes

Oil pipes

Three-dimensional five-axis cutting can cut gradient slits that are wide on the outside and narrow on the inside or narrow on the outside and inside, so that the oil screen pipe has better performance. It is one of the typical applications in the petrochemical industry.

car manufacturer


The creation of curved surface structures of car bodies and the growing demand for automobile hot forming have driven the sales data of three-dimensional five-axis cutting machines, which were once ahead of other industry data.

agricultural machinery

gricultural machinery

The mechanization and integration of agriculture have promoted the great development of agricultural machinery. The high cost performance and technical flexibility of three-dimensional five-axis cutting machines are very suitable for the batch manufacturing and technological update of agricultural machinery, which is very popular among agricultural machinery manufacturers.

5 axis lasers can move in five directions, providing greater flexibility and precision compared to 3 axis lasers, which move only in X, Y, and Z directions.

Regular maintenance includes routine inspections, cleaning optics and components, and periodic calibration to ensure optimal performance.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, and electronics benefit significantly due to the precision and versatility of 5 axis laser systems.

While the initial investment is higher than traditional laser systems, the efficiency, precision, and reduced material waste often result in long-term cost savings.

 Consider factors such as the materials you work with, the precision required, and the level of manufacturer support available. Researching and comparing different brands and models is also crucial.

5 axis lasers are highly versatile and can cut a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, composites, and more. However, it’s important to verify compatibility with specific materials before purchasing.

 Safety measures include wearing protective gear, proper training for operators, and ensuring systems are equipped with emergency stop mechanisms. Regular safety checks and adherence to protocols are also essential.

 5 axis lasers enhance production efficiency by allowing for faster, more precise cuts, reducing the need for additional finishing processes, and minimizing material waste.

 Environmental benefits include lower energy consumption due to modern, efficient designs and reduced waste through precise cutting, which minimizes leftover material.

Future advancements may include integration with artificial intelligence for even more precise control, increased automation, and further improvements in energy efficiency and material compatibility.

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