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Dowell 13 years of experience in laser equipment manufacturing can meet your customized needs, one-stop laser equipment supplier manufacturer.

Most Popular 2kw laser cutter Wholesaler Manufacturer in China

DOWELL laser cutter wholesalers not only produce 2kw laser cutter, but also 1000w -30kw laser cutter and other laser equipment. We have 13 years of production experience and can meet your various customization needs.

Our laser cutting equipment is exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. We have professional after-sales service personnel to communicate and solve your problems in a timely manner.

As a leading laser metal cutting machine manufacturer in China, DOWELL has the ability to produce 2kw fiber laser cutter specially according to customers’ needs. We will provide OEM support for you.


2000 watt fiber laser cut machine

2kw laser cutter is a device with a relatively high usage rate in the industrial market, mainly for cutting thin plates, and the effect is very good.

2000w laser cutter advantage

What can be cut by 2000w fiber laser cutting machine

At present, the common fiber laser cutting machine 2kw on the market can cut stainless steel 12MM and carbon steel about 16MM under the condition of ensuring smoothness and efficiency.

2000W metal laser cutting machine The maximum thickness of cutting different materials:

The maximum thickness of carbon steel is 16mm,

The maximum thickness of stainless steel is 8mm,

The maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 5mm,

The maximum thickness of copper plate is 5mm.

dowel metal laser cutting machine factory

dowell laser cutting machine supplier

About dowell laser cutting machine factory

Dowell’s 13 years of experience in laser equipment manufacturing can meet your customization needs and provide you with the most professional services. We have a professional design team that can design laser cutting equipment according to your needs and provide you with the most competitive Metal Laser Cutting System Prices.

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