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China Industrial 6kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

china 6kw fiber laser cutting machine

china wholesale fully enclosed cnc fiber laser cutting machine

The 6000W fiber laser cutting machine is a high-power and large-format laser cutting system that can efficiently cut a variety of metal materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Custom wholesale 6kw fiber laser cutting machine for sale

6000 watt laser cutting machine has high precision, fast speed, smooth cutting surface without burrs! High efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection! Widely used in kitchenware/metal processing/advertising/mechanical hardware and other industries!

fiber cutting machine with exchange table
6kw cnc exchange table fiber laser factory price
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6kw exchange table fiber laser industrial manufacturer

6kw cnc metal laser cutting machine parameters

laser cutting machine 6kw features:

  • High power, high processing speed, suitable for processing large workpieces.
  • Suitable for mass production;
  • Automatic feeding, easy operation;
  • Imported original high-power CO2 gas protection system has the characteristics of high safety performance, high reliability and long life;
  • Imported high-performance linear guide rail system and precision ball screw transmission device, stable and high-precision movement;
  • Full computer numerical control system control.

6kw fiber laser cutter configuration

MAX fiber laser

fiber-optic laser

A well-known domestic brand with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and stable performance

raytools fiber laser cutting head

laser cutting head

Fast cutting speed, high precision, high efficiency, Raytools or WSX optional

laser cnc cutting system

Laser cutting system

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water chiller

Industrial water cooler

1. Install a cooling tower, which is simple to install and easy to move. It is suitable for situations where there is a lack of water source and no need to install a water tower.
2. Low-noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation effect, stable throttling mechanism, and excellent anti-rust treatment.
3. Use high-performance compressors imported from Europe and the United States, with high EER value, low noise and stable operation.

laser cutting table

Laser cutting machine bed

1. It is processed using Mitsubishi five-axis gantry precision machining host imported from Japan. One-time processing ensures the overall processing quality of the machine tool and the assembly accuracy of the whole machine.
2. The partitioned dust removal and ventilation system handles the dust on both sides generated during laser processing, making your production more ecological.

servo motor

servo motor

High accuracy, servo motors are capable of position control with very high accuracy, typically within a fraction of a micron or less.

High responsiveness: fast response time

High efficiency: Able to effectively convert electrical energy into mechanical motion.

High reliability: The servo motor is designed with high reliability and long service life. Use in combination with other control systems, sensors and controllers to achieve complex control.

How much does a 6kw fiber laser cutting machine price cost

DOWELL 6000w laser cutting machine price is different because of the different laser cutting tables and different configurations. It ranges from $30000-90000. If you want to buy cheap fiber laser cutter, you can contact the specific factory to get the latest equipment price.

6kw fiber laser cutting machine application:

  1. Metal sheets in the metal products industry.
  2. Machinery parts industry.
  3. The size of various carton packaging bags in the packaging and printing industry Scissors Scissors are a kind of machine equipment specially used to cut objects.

Laser cutting sample

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, pickled plate, galvanized plate, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy;
Cutting range: 0~25mm (depending on material and laser power);

How to choose the power of a Carbon Steel cnc laser cutter?

Step1: Look at the materials

Different metal materials have different absorptivity to laser light. Specify the type of material that the equipment will cut for a long time, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or other materials. According to the cutting material, it corresponds to the cutting range of different power of the manufacturer.

Step2: Look at the thickness

The cutting thickness is divided according to the ratio of 8:2, that is, 80% of the conventional cutting thickness and 20% of the unconventional cutting thickness range, to ensure the bright effect and efficiency of the conventional thickness, the higher the power, the greater the cutting thickness, and the batch cutting ability stronger

Step3: Look at the speed

Refer to the cutting parameter table provided by the manufacturer, combined with your own requirements for cutting efficiency, the higher the power, the faster the efficiency

Step4: Look at the budget

Power is one of the factors that directly affect the price of laser cutter machines. High-power laser cutting have higher requirements for hardware. Within your budget, you can properly choose equipment with higher power

Don’t blindly follow the crowd and blindly pursue high power when purchasing a fiber laser cutter! Combined with your own needs for cutting materials, thickness, speed, etc. and your own budget.

dowell laser equipment
dowell laser equipment

How to choose the best 6000w fiber laser manufacturers

There are many laser cutter manufacturers in the market, and there are many brands. It is difficult for beginners to choose the right laser cutter suppliers. Then How to choose best laser cutter suppliers, the following points will tell you:

  • Search Google for information related to fiber laser metal cutting machine manufacturer, and get a preliminary understanding of the company’s situation
  • Investigate the strength of the production plant and see if the company’s production line can meet your order requirements
  • The price of their laser cutting equipment for you, the difference with the peers
  • Investigate the company’s delivery cycle and whether the after-sales service is perfect
  • Get to know the company on the spot, visit the scale of the factory, and whether the CE certificate is perfect
  • The company has been established for a relatively long time, and companies with a relatively long time are also more stable in the laser industry.


Power: 6kw fiber laser
Head : 6kw fiber laser head
Focus: 0.5-5mm
Cutting height: 20mm
Air pressure: 3-5bar
Cutting speed: 0.5-5m/min
You can also adjust it according to the actual situation.

6000W fiber laser cutter for metal cutting maximum thickness of different materials:
The thickest carbon steel can be cut to 25mm;
The thickest copper plate can be cut to 12mm
The thickest stainless steel can be cut to 20mm;
The thickest aluminum plate can be cut to 16mm;

Cutting speed:Max 150 m/min
Positioning:180 m/min
Laser sources:6kw 1064nm laser source,Other brands can be selected
  • Stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • Carbon steel
  • titanium
  • nickel alloy
  • brass
  • copper

The power of fiber laser cutting equipment currently on the market is: 1000w 2000w 3000w 6000w 8000w 10kw 12kw 20kw 30kw, depending on the thickness of the cut sheet, the required laser cutting equipment is also different.

If the 6kw fiber laser cutting machine is not cutting, the power is not high, about 30-50 watts, and it reaches about 6500 watts when working.


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