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Advertising Industry

CNC laser cutter in advertising industry

With the rapid development of the advertising industry, there is a great demand for flat metal sheets, and metal sheet laser cutter for advertising is widely used.

Flatbed laser cutters are mostly used for advertising signs, advertising display stands, luminous billboards, artistic fonts, and lighting advertising cutting. With the continuous expansion of the advertising industry, traditional tool processing equipment is gradually replaced by laser cutter machines and laser engraving machines. In the advertising industry, the laser cnc machine is mainly used for cutting metal sheets. It has a high degree of automation, simple operation, fast speed, high efficiency, and saves time and effort. It is the best choice for processors in the advertising industry.

Fiber laser cutter for advertising

The commonly used materials in the advertising industry are metal materials mainly made of stainless steel and non-metal materials mainly made of acrylic. Advertisment laser cutter mainly cuts stainless steel and other non-metals, and the equipment needs to be selected according to one’s own cutting requirements.

advertising thin metal fiber laser cutter Advantages

Flexible and Quick

Not limited by cutting graphics, only need to input the designed graphics into the software, it can be cut automatically

Save Material

Reasonable typesetting, advertising laser cutter can maximize the use of plates, improve the utilization of metal plates, and save expenses for business owners.

Save Labor

The flat bed laser cutter requires less labor, does not need to make molds, and has less pollution to the environment during production.

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Flatbed laser cutter has a great impact on the traditional cutting industry. It has high cutting efficiency, gradually reduced purchase cost, fast cutting speed, good quality, wide application range, and is not picky about materials, so it is loved by many advertising manufacturers. .

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Application of CNC laser cutter in advertising industry

advertising font processing

Advertising font processing

Advertisement characters are usually made of stainless steel, titanium, copper plates, etc. The traditional three-dimensional edge and lettering are welded and polished, and the materials are ordinary, so they are generally suitable for signboards that do not require high craftsmanship.

lighting advertising cutting

Lighting advertising cutting

Traditionally, ordinary cutting methods are used for the processing of metal frames used in advertising light boxes. The cutting effect is not good and the efficiency is relatively low. The metal cutting laser has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast speed, and small deformation of the workpiece, which has become a magic weapon for product processing in the advertising industry.

advertising display stand

advertising display stand

Mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, brass, copper and other metal materials

advertising signs

advertising signs

Most of the workpieces in the advertising and sign industry are thin plates below 1mm, and the materials are mainly stainless steel, aluminum plates and galvanized plates. Some decorative curtain walls are mainly made of copper plates and titanium alloy plates. According to the output, thickness and production efficiency, it can be satisfied by selecting a 1500W-3000W fiber laser cutting.


The cost of laser cutting can vary based on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, material type, thickness, and laser cutting service provider. There is no fixed price for laser cutting, generally between $15,000-$300,000, as each project is unique and may require different setup and timing.

1. DXF file format: 2D geometry, annotation and other design information.

2. DWG file format: DWG can contain richer information, not all plane cutting software natively supports DWG format. Some software needs to be converted to DXF format.

3. AI file format: native file format, including vector graphics, images, text and other design element information.

4. EPS file format: contains graphics, pictures, text, curves and other design elements.

5. SVG file format: XML-based vector graphics format

6. PDF file format: contains vector graphics, bitmap images, text and other elements.

The power (wattage) required to cut aluminum with a laser cutter depends on the thickness of the aluminum sheet and the cutting speed. 1000 to 4000 watts or even higher laser cutter for metal to cut aluminum.

Thicker aluminum sheets generally require higher laser power to cut efficiently. A 1000 watt laser cutter might be fine for cutting thin aluminum sheets up to around 1.5 mm (0.06 in) thick.

Different laser cutters have different capabilities, and specific power requirements may vary. It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or guidelines for the laser cutter you are using to determine the proper wattage for cutting a particular thickness of aluminum. Additionally, cutting parameters such as cutting speed, focus, and assist gas used can also affect power requirements for aluminum cutting.

Fiber optic laser cutter cannot cut wood.

Wood laser cutter is a kind of laser equipment that uses CO2 laser source to engrave and cut wood to make 2D or 3D handicrafts. 80-100W is the best. If there are too many 5mm cuts, it is recommended to make it larger. 1300*900 format, about 100 watts of power.

1. The accuracy of fiber laser cutters is within ±0.03mm;
2. The cutting accuracy of CO2 laser cutting is within ±0.05mm;
3. Electronic circuit boards such as FPC soft boards use ultraviolet lasers, and the accuracy is within ±20μm.

There are many fiber laser cutting manufacturers. If you want to know who does laser cutting near me, you can first search for nearby laser equipment suppliers on Google, and then go to the field to see the product effect, or check where the sheet metal is nearby on Google Maps Processing factory, go there to inquire about where to buy the laser metal cutting, and then ask the manufacturer


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