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Laser cutting is currently the most widely used equipment for cutting metal sheets in the industrial market. Because of its high cutting precision, fast speed, and no need for secondary grinding, it is favored by business owners. This article will take you in-depth Learn about the world of CNC laser cutters.

What is laser cutting

Laser cutting is a CNC equipment that uses high energy generated by fiber lasers to cut sheets. It is mainly used in the industrial market, but also some small businesses, schools and hobbyist homes.

We can provide you with customized models

Because of different functions, CNC laser cutting service also cuts a variety of materials. It can not only cut metal steel plates, laser cut acrylic, laser cut wood, laser cut paper can also cut leather.

Depending on the laser, the most common types on the market are CO2 laser cutting machines, YAG laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines.

We can provide you with customized CNC fiber laser cutting equipment, metal sheet metal laser cutting machine, standard type, 3D 5 axis, round tube, single platform, exchange table laser cutting equipment in the industrial market.

customized cnc open type single laser cutting machine

Power size 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 4kw 6kw fiber laser cutting machine.Standard type size models can also be customized to meet your diverse needs.

customized exchange table cnc fiber laser cutting machine

Suitable for industrial market use. Double flatform fiber laser cutting machine saves time on loading and unloading materials, convenient and fast

customized co2 laser cutting machine

It can cut wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass and other non-metallic materials.

customized high precision fiber laser cutting machine

10kw 12000w 15kw 20kw 30kw 60kw High power large format laser cutting equipment, mainly suitable for cutting thick plates, with high precision, fast speed, and saving capital costs

customized plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine

It can cut stainless steel metal plates, round tubes, square tubes, special-shaped tubes, angle steel, channel steel, etc. at the same time. One machine has multiple uses, which is convenient and efficient.

customized pipe laser cutting machine

The power can be customized, round tube, square tube, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum tube, brass, etc. It can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading device, and one person can take care of multiple lines.

What materials can be metal laser cut

Laser metal cutting machine can process stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, silver, gold, titanium and other metal materials and alloys. They are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics and other industries.

Laser cut steel

laser cut stainless steel

laser tube cutting

laser cut aluminum

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Role of CNC in Laser Cutting

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) plays a crucial role in laser cutting. It allows for precise control of the machine, enabling it to produce complex and intricate designs with high accuracy and repeatability.

Is Metal Laser Cutting Safe?

Although metal laser cutting is efficient, it also has certain risks. Because the laser generates high-energy heat when it is working, the laser is harmful to human eyes and cannot be directly irradiated. It is necessary to wear protective glasses or a mask. The operator of the lazer cutting machine must take good safety protection.

Precautions for customized cnc fiber laser cutter

Understanding numerical control laser cutting equipment requires understanding machine specifications, compatibility of cutting materials, software and control systems, reliability of product quality, brand reputation and product quality, after-sales services, and more.


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