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portable laser obstacle remover portable laser obstacle remover
portable laser obstacle removers portable laser obstacle removers

Fiber Laser obstacle clearer / laser tree cutting machine for sale

DOWELL Power Line Laser Litter Removal (laser tree cutting machine) solves the shortcomings of traditional live-line work or power failure manual work, which takes a long time and has high safety risks, and improves the removal efficiency.

What is the Portable Laser Obstacle Remover Machine

Laser Obstacle Cleaner / Long Distance Laser Litter Removal Device (laser cannon clearing / Electric Power Grid line Laser Obstacle Remover )adopts advanced laser technology, combined with the characteristics of suspended objects in high-voltage devices such as overhead lines, selects a laser band that does not harm the main equipment of the power system, and successfully develops a controllable device that can emit from the ground. Obstacle remover for long-distance cutting and removal of high-altitude foreign objects by laser. With the use of Long Distance Laser Litter Removal Device equipment, workers can fully realize live, remote, and non-contact operations.

Advantages of laser cannon or tree-cutting laser cannon:

A non-polluting energy source that does not produce any harmful gases or waste, does not damage soil and water sources, and is environmentally friendly.

The laser clearer can also achieve precise cutting of trees, cutting off only the parts that need to be cut off, retaining the vitality of the trees, avoiding excessive damage to the trees, and conducive to ecological balance.

Reliable. No need for power outage or climbing. It can be powered on the ground to clear obstacles, achieving the double reliability of “uninterrupted power supply and zero-risk emergency repair”.

Power Line Laser Litter Removal Features

Product DW-300QZDW-500QZ
laser power300W500W
Effective working distance0~300M0~300M
Operating temperature-25℃~+40℃-25℃~+40℃
Working humidity10%RH~90%RH
Laser wavelength1080±5nm
Host size650x526x380mm650x526x380mm
Host weight≤40kg≤40kg
battery size340*150*210mm340*150*210mm
battery weight≤13kg≤13kg
battery continuous working time≥90min≥90min

laser tree cutting machine configuration

1) Auxiliary aiming, 2) Night vision, 3) Gyroscope stabilized image, 4) Electronic compass, 5) Video and photo taking, 6) With intelligent ranging, 7) Automatically calibrate the aiming scale at different distances, 8) Automatic zoom Manual zoom, 9) wireless connection, tablet display and operation, 10) GPS

laser obstacle remover transmitter head

Laser obstacle remover transmitter head

High-precision pan/tilt + coaxial aiming + high-definition camera with large magnification

original imported zoom lens

Original imported zoom lens

200 meters focus spot 6mm, excellent cutting effect

fiber laser obstacle remover

outer casing

The host is 23Kg, compact in design. The shell and box are all made of carbon fiber, which is light and strong.

camera, fill light

camera, fill light

Infrared night vision camera , high power laser fill light,Under starlight (0.001Lux illuminance), the target at 100 meters can be seen clearly.

tilt sensor

microwave radar sensor

The inclination sensor senses that the tripod is tilted 45° and the system automatically powers off.
If there is an object intrusion, the system will automatically power off after the sensor senses it.

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

The system is equipped with 4G wireless routing and on-site video recorder, which can transmit the on-site operation screen and equipment status information to the rear monitoring center in real time.

Technical Parameters

Traditional high-voltage grid clearing method

Clearance MethodManual ClearanceClearance RobotCutter/FlamethrowerLaser Clearance System
Required Number of People4-6 people2-3 people5-6 people2 people
Efficiency4-6 hours2 hours10 minutes5 minutes
Climbing NeededRequiredRequiredNot requiredNot required
FeaturesLow efficiency, high costControlled via video, poor mobility, likely to damage the lineRemote control for clearing obstacles, short usage timeLong-distance clearance, short usage time, safe and efficient
Power Outage NeededRequiredRequiredRequiredNot required


The portable power grid maintenance laser obstacle removal instrument is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and erect (can be carried by one person, moved by one person, erected by one person), the laser spot can be focused, and it can be used in various environments. It can be used in railways and mountainous areas. , terraced fields and other places with harsh environments can quickly start operations.

Suitable for most overhead lines, removal of non-metallic foreign objects such as tarpaulins, plastic bags, kites, hornet’s nests, slogan banners, balloons, bird nests, wooden products, plastic products, rubber products, etc.

laser removal of nests

Clean up debris from power lines

Debris on the Internet in the store seriously threatens power safety, and manual cleaning is extremely difficult. The traditional method is to pick the kites by people, but now technology can be used to remotely remove floating objects using laser obstacle clearers.

laser tree trimmer

laser tree trimmer

A tree cutting laser machine can cut a tree with a diameter of about 10 centimeters in only one or two minutes. The traditional operation mode often takes several hours. On the other hand, while greatly improving work efficiency, the power department does not need to perform power outages before starting operations, and economic losses are also greatly reduced.

laser clear kite

Remove kites, films, banners

Safe, using laser of specific wavelength to remove kites, films, banners and other high-voltage wire-prone floating objects.

How fiber Laser Obstacle Remover works

The laser obstacle removal instrument is mainly composed of a light source host, a foreign object removal transmitter, an electric pan-tilt tripod, a controller and other modules.
The output fiber of the laser is connected to the pan-tilt system, and the laser control module controls the output power of the laser and the laser switch;
The pan-tilt control module can realize the adjustment of different speeds of the pan-tilt level and pitch, and at the same time combine the monitoring system to realize the function of aiming at foreign objects;
The optical module collimates the divergent light output by the laser. The collimated laser hits the surface of the foreign object, and the temperature of the foreign object rises sharply after absorbing the laser energy. The temperature reaches or exceeds the melting point, ignition point or even boiling point of the foreign object, so that the foreign object melts, burns or vaporizes, and finally falls off to realize the removal of the foreign object.

About Dowell laser obstacle remover

DOWELL Laser has been established for 13 years. It is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sheet metal laser equipment. It provides the most affordable price of laser equipment. Its products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Egypt and other countries, serving 800+ customers

fiber laser obstacle remover

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