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DW1800l fabric laser engraving machine DW1800l fabric laser engraving machine
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DOWELL laser fabric engraving machine uses the thermal effect of laser to burn and etch the fabric without contact, and forms a pattern with convex and concave patterns.

What is fabric laser engraving machine ?

Laser engrave fabric, also known as clothing laser engraving machine, uses imported lasers and dynamic focusing systems. CNC equipment for laser, burnt, carved, engraved and other functions on the surface of non-metallic materials such as cloth and leather.

Any pattern can be carved on the flannelette, the format is 600mm*600mm—2500mm*infinite length can be freely selected. It forms a similar washing effect, and at the same time, the device is also compatible with bitmaps. Any jpg image can be used for carving after a small amount of processing. Compared with traditional crafts, this device has the characteristics of fast processing speed, good processing consistency, and no pollution.

Advantages of laser engraving machine for fabric

laser engraving machine fabric parameter configuration



It adopts full metallized structure, which has the characteristics of small size, fully enclosed, maintenance-free, low cost of use, and high reliability.


The optical scanning system has the characteristics of low drift, high positioning accuracy and reliable and stable operation.

laser lens

water tank

In order to protect the focusing mirror, the cost of laser equipment in the processing process is saved

How is laser engraving machine fabric price

DOWELL commercial laser engraving equipment price is about 80,000 US dollars, and the higher the power, the higher the price.

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laser engraving examples

Material: engraving clothes, suitable for de velvet, denim, leather, supersoft, flocking cloth, wallpaper wall covering, velvet, corduroy, velvet, cationic, acetate, rib, chenille, technical cloth, wool double-sided nylon, sports fabric, Knitting, woven and non-woven fabrics such as towel blankets, TR, nylon and ammonia fabrics.


It is suitable for industries such as clothing engraving , fabrics, wallpaper, bags, furniture, hotels, advertisements, exhibition decoration, and automobile decoration

DOWELL laser machine service

We have 13 years of manufacturing experience, we can custom laser engraver according to your needs, our equipment can be laser engraving clothes shirts, laser engraving machine for plastic labels, laser engraving machine for wood, laser engraving pvc, laser logo engraving machine, to meet your needs different needs.

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