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1000w fiber laser cutting machine

customized 1kw- 4kw CNC open type laser cutting machine for metal


The open laser cutting machine is a type of laser equipment with an open appearance and an open frame design instead of a fully enclosed lazer cutting system.For sheet metal cutting, with open design and single table, entry laser for metal cutting

open type laser cutter Features

  • The open structure facilitates the loading and unloading of metal sheets.
  • The single workbench saves floor space. The size is 3015 4015 6015 and can be customized.
  • Drawer trays make it easy to collect and clean small parts and scraps.
  • Gantry double drive configuration, high damping machine bed, good rigidity, high speed and high acceleration.

Technical Parameters

china open type fibre laser cutting machine factory

customized open type fiber laser cutting equipment

advantages of open laser cutting machine

Cutting Material and Thickness

Carbon steel1/64″- 5/8″1/64″-45/64″1/64″-25/32″1/64″-63/64″
Stainless steel1/64″-15/64″1/64″-5/16″1/64″-15/32″1/64″-15/32″


fiber laser head

Fiber laser cutting heads are specialized components designed to efficiently deliver and control the laser beam for optimal metal cutting performance.

fiber laser source

Fiber laser sources are highly efficient, flexible, and versatile laser systems produced by leading global manufacturers for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications.

fiber laser table

Fiber laser cutting machine tables are designed for high-precision, high-volume cutting of large metal workpieces, with a variety of automation and housing options to meet different application needs

laser cutting software system

Best laser cutting software depends on the user's skill level and requirements, with options ranging from free, beginner-friendly programs to professional-grade CAD/CAM suites.

How is open type fiber laser cutting machine price

The price range of an open fiber laser cutter can vary widely depending on factors such as laser power, work area size, and additional features, but it is typically between $4,700 and $220,000.

Cutting sample effect

These machines can cut a wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals.
Open laser cutter systems are well-suited for cutting tubes, pipes, and other 3D metal workpieces that may not fit easily into an enclosed machine.
The open design and accessibility make open type laser cutters useful for prototyping, sample making, and small-scale production runs.
The open design allows for easier loading and unloading of large workpieces.
The open frame enables the laser head to cover a larger work area for cutting bigger metal sheets.


Open type fiber laser cutters are used in industries like mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, elevator manufacturing, home appliances, and other metal processing applications.

china open type fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers

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