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handheld laser engraver handheld laser engraver
20w handheld laser engraver 20w handheld laser engraver
handheld laser engraver marking handheld laser engraver marking

The portable laser engraving machine is a lightweight, portable and removable marking equipment that can not only mark but also engrave, both on metal and non-metal.


This portable laser marking machine can engrave on metal product parts. The marking machine has multiple uses. Through photoelectric conversion, it can achieve clear and permanent markings. It has an exquisite appearance design, is lightweight and portable, and the longest working time of the handheld laser engraving machine can be Up to 100,000 hours.


laser engraving and marking machine
laser engraving and marking machine

How is hand held laser marking machine price

DOWELL is one of the most popular china handheld laser marker factories, producing Handheld laser engraving machine has rich experience, can meet different customization needs and provide you with the most affordable market price.

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