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How Much does A laser rust removal machine price

how laser remove rust

With the rapid development of science and technology, laser rust removal has become a new type of rust removal method that is more popular nowadays. Especially in the industrial market, laser rust removal is favored by business owners because it belongs to enviro industrial laser.

If you want to know the laser rust cleaner price, there are many laser for rust removal powers on the market, ranging from 500w to 3000w.

  • 1000w rust removal laser price $3800 – $3900
  • 1500w laser rust cleaner price $4610 – $4739
  • 2000w laser rust cleaner price  $6583 – $6729

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The principle of laser rust removal gun

The principle of rust remover machine is that when rust is subjected to high temperatures, it evaporates instantly and, after plasma separation, the underlying metal does not damage the removed parts even when exposed to the laser due to its high reflectivity to light. The corners can even be cleaned perfectly. So, whether it is difficult to laser rust removal or not, it is easy to handle.

What is industrial portable laser rust removal

Handheld laser rust remover machine is also known as laser cleaner rust, laser surface cleanerlaser cleaner rust, laser cleaning machine for rust removal, laser paint rust removal, handheld rust removal laser,  laser oxide removal machine is a new way of using removing rust with a laser, rust on the metal surface Evaporated at the high temperature of the laser, after the plasma is separated, the underlying metal has a high reflectivity to light, and the removed part will not be damaged even if it is exposed to the laser.

Laser rust removal systems remove edges and corners perfectly. Laser rust removal can not only remove laser cleaning metal surfaces, rust, layers, oxides, paint traces, writing on cartons, and graffiti on walls.

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Why Metals Rust

When the metal plate is in contact with the air for a long time during long-term use, an oxidation reaction will occur, and rust will occur when the surface is corroded, which will eventually lead to a reduction in service life. The traditional rust laser removal cleaning method is to use sandblasting or chemical reagents to remove rust.

Types of laser to remove rust

  • Pulse laser cleaning machine:100w laser cleaning machine , 200w industrial laser cleaning ,300w rust removal lazer , 500w fiber cleaning machine
  • Continuous laser cleaning machine: 1000w 1000w rust cleaning laser for sale , 1500w laser rust removal handheld ,2000w laser to remove rust machine

Components of the fiber rust cleaning laser

Fiber laser rust removal tool:laser, rust laser removal gun, laser water cooler, laser cleaning system

Clean laser rust removal protective tools: laser protective glasses, laser protective mask, protective clothing

laser cleaning machine gun head

laser rust removal gun

laser cleaning system

laser cleaning system

max laser

laser rust removal fiber

welding helmet

welding helmet

laser goggles

laser goggles

laser chiller

laser chiller

how much does a portable laser rust removal machine price cost

The laser rust remover machine is currently available on the market from 100W-2000W, with price of laser rust removal machine varying depending on the power,rust removal laser gun, laser cleaning system.

Handheld laser rust removal machine price range from $6534.90- $47922.63. Portable laser rust removal machine price Because the laser is smaller, the price is relatively higher.

If you want to know more about hand held laser cleaning machine for rust removal, you can consult laser machine rust removal factory manufacturers suppliers exporters for the latest price list.

Clean laser rust remover is also divided into pulsed rust removal laser machine and continuous laser cleaning and rust removal machines. Of course, the higher laser rust remover machine the power the better, but also according to your needs, to get the best experience at the best rust removal laser price.

Laser descaling machine VS laser sandblasting machine

laser cleaning track



Laser clean rust is green, pollution-free, and does not damage the surface of the workpiece. The initial investment of the laser derusting system is relatively high, and it can be used stably for a long time, with a life span of up to 10 years. The sandblasting machine method is lower.

Laser sandblasting machine

Sand blasting machine uses compressed air as power to form a high-speed spray beam and then sprays it onto the surface of the workpiece.

Laser rust removal

Laser derusting is a high-frequency high-energy laser pulse that irradiates the surface of the workpiece to promote the evaporation or peeling of oxides, rust, coatings, etc. on the surface of the workpiece, thereby efficiently removing these stains.

Mode of action:

Laser rust remover machine can be carried out directly on the surface of the workpiece
The sandblasting machine needs to remove the excess material on the surface of the workpiece to achieve a better rust removal effect.

Rust removal efficiency:

The operation of lazer rust removal is simple and the processing efficiency is high;
The operation of the laser sandblasting machine is somewhat cumbersome and inefficient, which may damage the workpiece, and the cleaning is not strong enough to cause pollution.

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laser cleaning machine

Top 10 advantages of handheld industrial laser cleaner

Through optical fiber transmission and joints with robots or robots, it facilitates long-distance operations and can clean parts that are difficult to reach with traditional methods. It is an excellent choice for cleaning and maintenance of ships, aircraft, weapons and equipment.

It can not only clean and remove rust, but also remove contaminants on the material surface. The effect of the pulse cleaning machine is more suitable for fine cleaning of small formats, titanium alloy surface cleaning and rust removal, stainless steel welding channel cleaning, stainless steel solder joint cleaning, and precision parts before welding. , Post-weld surface cleaning.

Threshold calculation parameter setting, no contact, no grinding, no thermal effect, no harm to the human body of the substrate, easy to operate, especially suitable for cleaning molds and cultural relics.

It will not cause pollution problems and is an environmentally friendly new cleaning technology.

It will not cause pollution to the environment and is a green and environmentally friendly new technology for cleaning and rust removal in the industrial market.

Traditional pickling, sandblasting and other processes can cause damage to the base material and are not suitable for thin plates below 30mm. Laser rust removal and cleaning machines can play a very good role.

Through different parameter settings, the surface can be roughened to improve adhesion, and different effects of laser power, frequency, aperture, focal length, etc. can be set to increase power and reduce costs without exceeding the limit.

Suitable for cleaning process of precision instruments and precision parts.

The long-term stability means no consumables, only a small amount of electricity, low maintenance and operation costs, and can be easily automated and put into use in infinite cycles.

It is a cleaning method that replaces the cleaning fluid, auxiliary cleaning agent, low-carbon water and energy saving required for traditional surface treatment.

FAQ about laser removal rust price

There are many brands of rust removal laser gun for sale on the market. Each manufacturer has different brands, power, and systems, resulting in a large difference in the price of laser cleaning guns. If you want to buy cheap laser gun for removing rust, you need to compare multiple companies.

There are a lot of industrial rust removal companies on the market, but if you want to choose cheap lazer rust removal, it is not very friendly for novices

  1. Search Google for handheld laser cleaner for sale, compare the prices of the manufacturers, the strength of the company, and the shipment volume
  2. Look at the industrial rust removal service, delivery situation, after-sales service situation
  3. What are the power levels of laser rust paint remover?
  4. Metal derusting manufacturer services, supplier capabilities, etc.

Laser paint remover has high working efficiency and good rust removal effect. It can be processed according to the workpiece. It has little damage to the surface of the workpiece and is easy to clean to improve work efficiency.
The price of industrial laser paint removal tool price is also inexpensive, suitable for general small and medium-sized owners.

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Industrial laser rust removal machine is mostly used in machinery industry, mold cleaning, rail cleaning, aerospace field, shipbuilding industry and military industry and other industries.

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The 2000-watt laser cleaning machine can not only remove rust and paint, but also remove oxides and oil stains on the metal surface.

The cleaning efficiency is 5㎡~50㎡ per hour, and it can remove 300㎡~3000㎡ of paint in one hour.

The laser cleaning machine can not only eliminate paint, oxides, but also pencil marks, and can also quickly remove rust.

The laser clean rust machine is only suitable for rust removal of metal materials, and has no effect on non-metal materials such as plastics and wood.

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