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Industrial Laser Safety Enclosure

Laser safety cabin is mainly designed and developed for laser welding, laser cleaning and other equipment in the industrial market.Laser Castle is suitable for compact operation in small batches, with flexible operation and a wide range.

What is Laser Castle

Laser rooms also include laser safety enclosures, laser cutting rooms, laser welding rooms, etc. These can all be collectively called laser rooms, because each customer calls them differently. Laser Castle (Laser Protection Cabins, Laser safety cabin) needs to establish a safe and enclosed work area to prevent laser radiation and protect personnel from the dangers of laser beams.

Laser protection room is a complex product composed of multiple parts, equipment, and materials. Its components include room body, internal frame, maintenance door, observation window, safety door, lighting, fiber optic suspension device, monitoring, dust removal, light source room, air conditioner, anti-collision fence, etc. It is like a small house, but the house in life is for people, while the house in the factory is for machines

Laser Castle protects personnel from the dangers of high-power laser beams by absorbing laser power through specially designed walls and roofs. The best way to protect the laser environment according to EN 60825-1 and OStrV is to enclose the entire laser area.

Laser safety enclosure is designed in a way to ensure that the laser area can still be entered.

laser containment room


Absolutely safe

We provide customers with complete Laser Protection Cabins To ensure the safety of all operators, there must be an enclosed work area and all appropriate safety measures in place.

Complete solution

We provide our customers with complete solutions for the sale of laser machines and corresponding personal protective equipment.


Providing modular and adaptable solutions, customers can partially choose how to structure their work areas according to regulations and obtain the most suitable space for their company.

Easy installation

This allows us to have a safe workspace that meets all regulations quickly and easily.

Laser Containment Room Configuration

Including laser room, internal frame, maintenance door, observation window, safety door, lighting, fiber optic suspension device, monitoring, safety lock, dust removal host, dust removal pipe, dust hood, light source room, air conditioner, dehumidifier, anti-collision fence, warning signs, etc.

custom laser safety enclosures

In order to adapt the solution to each situation and the choices and needs of each customer, we offer the possibility to choose the desired Laser Castle elements.

dowell laser safety cabin
  • Walls: Choose as many modules as you need
    Module width 988 mm, height 2.2 m
    Module width 988 mm, height 2.9 m
  • Sliding door: depends on the height of the selected module
    2.2 m high door
    2.9 m high door
  • Electrical safety component package:
    L C‑control, light signal, door sensor, sound signal, laser emission cutoff, manual reset, safety relay
  • Viewing Window: Certified laser safety glasses in any quantity and size of your choice
    A1 glass + frame
    A2 glass + frame
    A3 glass + frame

Laser Containment Room App

Laser operations are widely used in daily life, including mobile phone parts, electronics industry, automotive industry, hardware, bathroom product welding, and other industries.

laser safety enclosures safety

The cab is designed and built by an external certified The enclosure must be equipped with various safety devices:

laser safety enclosures safety

Request a quote or design from Laser Castle

We tailor Laser Castle to your individual requirements in terms of size, equipment, materials, window configurations, and safety requirements.

To provide detailed information about your project, you can fill out the Request a Quote form or request a call/visit to the laser safety enclosure manufacturer.


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