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Wholesale 1000w laser rust removal gun best price


The 1000w laser rust removal gun is a new type of green and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment that is easy to install and operate. No need to add chemicals to remove dust, oxides, rust, paint, coatings and other impurities.

Mainly used in industrial market, cultural relics restoration, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, sheet metal processing industry.


Machine features:

  • Non-contact operation, no damage to the substrate
  • Infrared precise positioning can set a clean width
  • No chemicals required, safe, clean and eco environmentally friendly
  • Simple operation, CNC display screen, easy to use
laser steel cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine


This laser rust remover can quickly remove paint, and can also remove oxides, rust, coatings, paint, glue, dust, stains and other residues on metal surfaces;
Residues on metal surfaces after laser welding;
Mold cleaning, waste tires, precision electronic molds.

What is 1000w laser rust removal gun price ?

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