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The metal laser cleaning machine is a high-tech and environmentally friendly laser equipment that removes oxides, pollutants or rust on the surface of the substrate without damaging the substrate. It is efficient, environmentally friendly, and saves more costs for business owners.

You are looking for a powerful metal rust removal solution, so don’t hesitate anymore, DOWELL laser cleaning system uses the latest laser principle to help you completely change the debris on the metal surface.

The traditional cleaning method has become a thing of the past. We hope that our metal rust removal laser can help you easily remove rust, paint, oxides and other sundries on the metal surface, and quickly improve work efficiency in a short period of time.

The price of DOWELL laser cleaning system ranges from $4000-$10000

1000W, 1500W, 2000w and 3000W Powerful and precise laser metal cleaning machine systems for all needs.

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Effective solution to remove stubborn contaminants, paint, rust, stains, grime and more from metal surfaces

iron rust cleaning machine

Removal of surface coating and coating removal, pretreatment of welding surface/spraying surface

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Easy to carry, strong mobility, not limited by space, easy to operate, easy to use, light in weight


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Are you buying fiber laser metal cleaner machine?

No problem, we also accept small batch orders for laser metal cleaning machine.

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DOWELL laser metal cleaning machine has relatively high cleaning precision and performance, and is especially suitable for industrial market applications. Auto parts, tire cleaning, agricultural machinery, rust removal of steel structures, cleaning of historical relics, etc., can be cleaned more accurately by setting different frequencies for the laser cleaning machine.

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Offering the most affordable rust removal oxide painting coating removal laser cleaning machine price, learn now how to order laser metal cleaning machine for cleaning your production line or workflow.


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