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The brass laser cutting machine uses the high-energy heat generated by the laser to melt or vaporize the metal sheet to achieve cutting. Compared with the traditional metal cutting, it has high efficiency and less consumables. It can cut any image and non-contact plate. It can realize complex process cutting.

Brass plates can be seen everywhere in our daily life, ranging from valve manufacturing, water pipes, to connecting pipes of internal and external air conditioners and radiators, etc., mainly because brass has strong wear resistance.

China best laser cut brass sheet

We are a professional brass laser cutting machine factory, specializing in the production of laser equipment for 13 years, the products are exported to 80+ countries and regions at home and abroad, the products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries, and are well received by customers.

1313 1515 1325 Precision Laser Cutting Equipment

It is suitable for precision industries with high requirements on plates, precision electronics, aerospace and other fields

1530-1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w brass laser cutter

Below 3000w are suitable for the thin sheet metal industry, cutting metal sheets below 10mm, laser cutting table can be custom 4020 4025 6020 6025 14025, etc.

6000w 12kw 20kw 30kw metal laser cutter

High power laser cutting system is suitable for thick plate cutting, mainly used in steel structure industry, ship manufacturing, agricultural machinery and equipment production and other heavy industry fields.

Advantages of laser cutting brass sheet

laser cutting machine for brass sheet

What auxiliary gas do laser cut brass need?

It is better to use nitrogen and oxygen as the gas.

1. Nitrogen: Inert gas, suitable for laser cutting copper plates. It can prevent oxidation and reduce slag generated during cutting.

2. Oxygen: oxidizing gas, which can increase the speed of laser cutting copper plates, and will generate a lot of slag, which needs to be cleaned up in time.

precision laser cut brass

Why laser cut brass sheet uses laser

Traditional flame cutting and plasma cutting are not suitable for brass metal cutting brass sheet cut, and flame cutting is only suitable for processing carbon steel. The cutting performance of plasma cutting for thin metal plates is relatively weak.
Laser can cut a variety of materials, such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel and other metal materials. In addition, the processing effect is better and the application range is wider.

Factors affecting laser cut brass sheet

1. Cutting speed

To prevent the kerf from going out, the process can support about 10–15% support, applying high levels of beam energy on the most reflective materials.

2. Focus position

For piercing and cutting, the focus position is set close to the top surface within reason.

3. Power setting

Use the maximum peak power for piercing and cutting to reduce the time when the material is in its most reflective state.

4. Cutting gas

High pressure oxygen is often used as cutting gas to increase process reliability. Reduce copper oxide reflectivity. For brass, nitrogen works well as a cutting gas.

Why is laser cutting machine for brass sheet difficult?

Because copper and brass, copper-zinc alloys have low absorption of infrared laser reflective materials in solid state, making these metals difficult to cut.
Pure copper reflects >95% of near-infrared radiation (approximately 1 μm wavelength) in the solid state.
The reflectivity of copper and other reflective metals decreases as the metal heats up, and drops dramatically when the material melts (for example, copper in the molten state drops below 70%).

What are the reflective metals for metal laser cutting?

Copper, brass, bronze, silver, gold, and aluminum are highly reflective to infrared light in the solid state

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