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Why become DOWELL fiber laser cutting machine distributor

Laser cutting, welding and cleaning one-stop metal sheet solution

With the rapid development of the industrial market, metal laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in various industrial markets, from machinery manufacturing, construction, to aerospace, etc., with a wide range of applications. For you who want to become a laser cutting machine dealer, it provides a good opportunity.

Benefits of becoming a laser cutting machine distributor dealer

laser cutting machine supplier

Dowell products are needed wherever laser equipment is needed. Product lines include:

fiber laser cutter

Suitable for cutting metal sheets, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum plates and other materials

Plate and tube laser cutting machine

It can cut both flat metal and pipes. It is a multi-purpose equipment that saves costs for business owners.

tube pipe laser cutter

Cutting, drilling and cutting of pipes, round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes, angle steel, channel steel, etc.

laser welder

Replacing traditional argon arc welding, it is simple to operate, easy to use, efficient, pollution-free and does not require a certificate.

Laser clean rust remval machine

Easily remove oxides, rust, paint, and coatings from metal surfaces, power 100w -3000w optional, customizable

Fabric Laser Engraving Machine

It can ablate non-metallic leather, acrylic, denim, leather, supersoft, flocking cloth, wallpaper wall covering, and can be produced in batches.

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