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Best Portable Handheld Laser Rust Remover Tool

What is laser rust remover machine

Hand held laser rust removal tool can easily remove rust, oil, oxide, chrome plating, paint, etc. on the metal surface.

While the laser tool for rust removal can complete the work flexibly, it can ensure that the base material of the workpiece is not damaged.

The laser cleaner rust removal tool can also conveniently and quickly clean the exterior of equipment and bodywork.
Clean the car wheel without disassembling the car wheel, and easily clean and derust the car wheel, saving time and effort. The whole cleaning process does not need to be disassembled, which saves time and effort, and prolongs the service life of the car hub.

DOWELL LASER can provide you with the most cheap laser cleaning machine worth buying in 2023. We can provide 100w 200w 300w 500w 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w and other lazer rust removers with different power sizes. We have a professional design team, which can give you a total of Customize lazer rust remover services and save you more budget.

dowell laser cleaning factory
dowell laser cleaning factory

laser rust removal machine for sale

The composition of portable laser rust remover includes; laser rust removal gun, rust removing laser, laser, water cooler and other components.

Handheld laser rust removal tool can not only clear metal rust, but also laser paint removal, metal rust removal oxide painting coating removal laser cleaning machine.

laser rust removal gun parameters

laser paint and rust removal tool

mold clean laser rust removal

Benefits of handheld laser rust removal

Efficient: removing rust with a laser is fast and improves production efficiency

High precision: the specific cleared area can be precisely controlled to minimize the loss of the substrate

Environmentally friendly: Compared with traditional chemical methods, no harmful smoke is produced

Low loss: non-contact and non-abrasive, so there will be no damage to the surface of the substrate

Simple operation: no certificate required, easy to get started, safer and more efficient for operators

The Advanced Solution for Rust Removal

For business owners in the industrial market, oxidation of metal sheets is prone to rust and metal corrosion when stored for a long time. This is a very troublesome thing. It affects the appearance of the sheets and also has a certain impact on the integrity and functionality. The traditional manual Rust Removal process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and the removal intensity is not high.

The development of science and technology provides an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method: Laser Rust Remover, which has completely changed the traditional rust removal method and has more advantages.

How much is a laser rust removal tool

The laser rust removal tool cost is around US$1,000-1,500, depending on power, brand awareness, and clarity. If you want to know the specific cheap laser rust removal tool price, you can consult the manufacturer.

laser rust remover gun
laser rust remover gun
laser paint removal
laser paint removal

Can removing rust with a laser be used outdoors

Yes, it can be used outdoors.

The handheld laser machine to remove rust can move freely, and the working temperature range is -30-70 degrees, as long as it is within this temperature range, removing rust with a laser can be used normally.

Metal rust remover machine VS laser rust removing

Laser cleaning includes laser rust removal.

Laser cleaning includes rust cleaning laser, laser paint removal, laser degreasing, restoration of cultural relics, removal of coatings, removal of oxides, etc., so laser rust removal is only a branch of remove rust with laser.

how does laser metal cleaning machine work

The working principle of laser rust removal is to use the thermal effect and photomechanical effect of the laser beam to heat the rust layer on the metal surface to the temperature of vaporization or melting, and then blow it away with high-speed airflow to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

Laser rust removal steps:

1. The laser generator generates a laser beam and transmits it to the laser head through optical fiber.

2. The laser head focuses the laser beam onto the metal surface through the focusing mirror to form a small irradiation spot.

3. The laser beam produces strong thermal and photomechanical effects on the rust layer on the metal surface at the irradiation point, causing the rust layer to rapidly heat up and undergo physical or chemical changes.

4. As the laser beam scans, the rust layer is gradually vaporized or melted, and blown away by the high-speed airflow, exposing the metal body.

5. By adjusting parameters such as laser power, scanning speed, and focusing distance, you can control the depth and range of rust removal to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

dowell laser cleaning machine

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laser removal of paint from metal surfaces
laser removal of paint from metal surfaces

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