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laser surface cleaner

DOWELL laser surface cleaning technology uses high-energy laser beams to easily remove impurities on the surface of metal sheets, and is an essential cleaning tool for the industrial market. High efficiency and environmental protection, no pollution, simple operation.


industrial laser rust removal

Handheld multi surface laser cleaner

Laser surface cleaning The surface of the object after cleaning is smooth, delicate, free of residue and secondary pollution, and can effectively remove rust, oxides, oil, writing, dirt and other impurities on the surface of the object. The cleaning efficiency is high and the speed is fast, and the dirt on the surface of the object can be cleaned instantly.

laser paint removal
paint removal

In heavy industry, the cleaning and removal of paint coating is a major project, especially in shipbuilding and rail transit industry. Laser paint removal uses the high-energy heat generated by the laser to promote the expansion and contraction of the seven layers on the surface of the substrate to achieve the effect of glass.

laser degreasing
Laser degreasing

Traditional methods of removing oil from metal surfaces are immersion in chemical media, steam degreasing, and electrochemical cleaning. However, the degreasing effect is not complete, it is toxic and the cost is high. Laser cleaning of oil stains is required for the workpiece. It is not easy to clean the oil stains of non-ferrous metals and precision parts for conventional workpieces.

rust removal
rust removal

Industrial laser derusting cleaning machine equipment, optical fiber handheld laser decoating laser cleaning machine (handheld Laser Surface Cleaner). Non-contact cleaning, without damaging the part matrix.

laser removal of oxides
remove oxides

The particularity of the laser is that the laser with a wavelength of 1064nm has no damage to the metal. It can achieve zero grinding, zero consumables, and zero pollution cleaning, and greatly improves the cleaning efficiency. It has a good cleaning effect on sensitive components and weld seams.

6 advantages of laser cleaner surface

  • Portable and movable: the appearance is small and portable, easy to transport, and the movable operation is not limited by the site
  • Efficient: Efficient, fast, saving time and improving human efficiency, saving costs for business owners
  • Strong cleaning power: advanced laser technology, efficient cleaning without damaging the surface of the substrate
  • Cleaning system is simple: easy to use, easy to operate, digital display
  • Environmental protection: no chemical reagents are used, no product pollution, an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solution
  • Safety: The equipment is equipped with laser goggles, which can better protect the safety of the staff during operation

Not sure how to choose the most suitable laser cleaning system for your needs?

In terms of industrial cleaning, laser surface cleaning machines are more and more widely used. DOWELL LASER is a laser cleaning machine manufacturer with 13 years of manufacturing experience. We can provide you with complete industrial cleaning solutions and OEM ODM services.


Application fields of laser surface cleaning machine Automobile manufacturing, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, electronic information, restoration of cultural relics, etc., necessary equipment for the industrial market.
In the automobile manufacturing process, the laser cleaning machine can be used to clean the dirt on the surface of the car hub, engine and body;
In electronic manufacturing, it can be used to clean the surface of printed circuit boards and other electronic parts;
In the restoration of cultural relics, laser cleaning machines can clean ancient ceramics, jade and other cultural relics, and can effectively protect the integrity of these precious cultural relics.

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