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Tube Cutting Solutions: High-Quality Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Sale

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DOWELL 6020 laser cutting machine for pipe can perform precision cutting, drilling, cutting, beveling and other operations on a variety of metal pipes. The equipment is equipped with dual pneumatic chucks, and three-chuck and four-chuck The disc can be selected from 165mm-600mm.

Dowell cnc tube laser cutting can be configured with automatic loading and unloading devices to achieve bundle cutting and increase speed.

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fiber laser tube cutting machine

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laser cutting tubes configuration

laser cut tube

Carbon Steel(mm)
Stainless Steel(mm)
Aluminum (mm)

cutting material

Commonly used for cutting metal materials, such as stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, brass, steel plates, steel pipes, aluminum, etc.


How Much Does A Laser Tube Cutter Cost?

The price of the tube laser cutting machine is related to the cutting power, configuration, chuck, etc. Different manufacturers have different brand effects, and the price is very different. Generally, the price of the laser cutting machine is between 8,000 US dollars and 40,000 US dollars. For details, you can consult the exporter of the tube laser cutting machine.

Step-by-Step Guide: Operating a Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

The operator wears safety protective gloves and laser goggles to check whether the electrical equipment of the pipe cutting equipment is safe and normal

Pneumatic control software for technical settings, speed, power and cutting material parameters.

Place the pipe on the workbench, set the focus, and set the cutting settings.

After cutting is completed, stop the equipment, take out the pipe, close the equipment, and perform cleaning. In the future, the equipment will be cleaned and cared for regularly.

How to choose a suitable laser pipe cutting machine

high quality furniture laser pipe cutter

When choosing an economical and suitable laser pipe cutting machine, you should first consider the cutting requirements and material type, so as to facilitate the selection of the corresponding chuck.

pipe cutting machine chuck

Considering the machine performance and configuration of the pipe cutting machine, the cutting speed, accuracy requirements, and the maximum diameter of the cutting chuck, it is convenient to screen suppliers.

laser cutting machine supplier

Whether the supplier is a trade or a factory manufacturer, can you provide training, technical support, delivery time, etc. in time to ensure the normal operation of your pipe laser cutting machine.

laser tube cutting machine factory

About dowell service

With 13 years of manufacturing experience, our laser cutting equipment can meet the needs of various industrial markets.

We continue to improve our technical processes and can provide you with advanced, affordable and durable pipe laser cutting equipment.

With the increase of global influence, our strong agent network around the world ensures that our business can be near you and has achieved complete after-sales services support.

We have design and R&D personnel with many years of experience who can meet different customer customization needs.

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