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Wholesale 1000w 1500w 2000w Handheld Laser Welder Price

Brand: DOWELL laser machine
Type: laser welder machine
Power: 1000w 1500w 2000w
Configuration: fiber laser, laser welding gun, laser welding system,  water cooler, laser protective glasses
Fiber laser: Raycus/Max/JPT
Delivery time: 7 days
Price: $6000 — $7000

Can be customized according to customer needs, providing the most affordable price

Are you looking for fiber optic laser welding, want to find the cheapest handheld laser welder price, which manufacturer of 1000w 1500w 2000w handheld laser welder on the market is good, and what is the appropriate laser welder cost? Do you also have such doubts?

The advent of the handheld laser welding machine has solved the welding problem in the industrial market for a long time. The laser welder with wire feed adopts a new generation of fiber laser and high-efficiency laser welding torch, which fills the gap of laser welding in the past.

1500w laser welding machine

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best hand held laser welding machine for sale

The emergence of fiber laser welder has indeed led to the transformation of traditional welding, bringing more efficient, more accurate and more flexible solutions to the welding field. With the further development of technology and the promotion of application, it is believed that laser welding system will play an important role in more fields.

laser welding vs tig welding

Argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding. It uses the arc burned between the continuously fed welding wire and the workpiece as the heat source, and the gas shielded arc ejected from the torch nozzle is used for welding.

Disadvantages such as large welding heat affected area and large solder joints are often used to weld thin workpieces, and the welding speed is slow and prone to deformation;

The laser welding seam is characterized by a small heat-affected zone, a narrow weld seam, a fast weld seam cooling rate, a small change in the metal properties of the weld seam, and a hard weld seam.

At present, argon arc welding has been gradually replaced by laser welding in terms of precision welding.

how much does a laser welder cost

The laser welder cost on the market vary in size, because the manufacturer’s brand awareness, power, configuration, and thickness of the welding plate are different, and the hand held laser welder price is also different.

  • 1000w Welder laser machine price $4000- $4600
  • handheld laser welder

    price $5000-$6000

  • 1500w Laser welding cost $5500-$6000
  • 2000w Portable laser welding machine price $6000- $ 6500
laser welder aluminum
1500w laser welding gun

1500w laser welding gun

Adapt to QBH interface:
Suitable for IPG, SPI, Ronfin, Nlight, Raycus, MAX, RECI and other fiber lasers

FAQ about laser handheld welder

The invisible and high energy of the laser emitted by the laser welding machine, non-professionals should not touch the laser source, otherwise it is very dangerous. In addition, lasers are also electromagnetic waves, but the wavelengths of lasers used in welding machines are very large, so there is no radiation hazard of short-wavelength light waves such as ultraviolet rays.

Here are some places where you can buy a handheld laser welding machine:

IPG Photonics Corporation offers handheld laser welding and cleaning systems.

Amazon has a variety of handheld laser welding machines. For example, a Laser Welder Laser Welding Machine Laser Handheld Rust Remover Removal Machine 3 in 1 1500W is available for $9,399.00. Another option is the 1500W Max Laser welding machine Handheld laser welder machine Fiber laser welder machine for Metal Laser welder with Auto Wire for $13,399.00.

AliExpress also offers a variety of handheld laser welders.

Alibaba has a range of handheld laser welding machines.

Laser welding machines can be categorized into several types based on their operation and application. Here are the main types:

Fiber Laser Welding Machines
portable laser welding machine
Lightweld laser welder
Hand held fiber laser welder

Fiber lasers are used for a wide range of applications due to their high power efficiency, excellent beam quality, and compact size. They are commonly used in materials processing applications (such as cutting, welding, and marking), telecommunications, spectroscopy, and medicine.

Lightweld was first invented by IPG in Germany. The price is generally $22,500. Lightweld 1500 price is not for sale on amazon for the time being. If you want to find laser welder near me, you can consult a local supplier for on-site assessment.


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