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How does laser welding aluminum work

Hand held aluminum laser welding is currently the main force in welding in the industrial market. The laser welding aluminum market is already very mature. The laser beam’s energy irradiates the metal’s surface and generates heat to melt the surroundings so that the aluminum plate will have a specific molten pool. We will come weld aluminum

Laser welding aluminum power: 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w can be customized
Composition laser welding aluminum parts: laser welding gun, laser, water cooler, nozzle, protective mirror

laser welding aluminum

portable handheld laser weld aluminum video

laser welding aluminum to stainless steel

how do laser welders aluminum work

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Advantages of laser welding aluminum alloys:

Laser welding has high energy density, small heat input, and small welding deformation. It can obtain welds with narrow melting and heat-affected zones and large penetration depths.

The cooling speed is fast, and the weld seam with fine structure can be obtained, so the performance of the welded joint is good.

Laser weld aluminum has fast welding speed, multiple functions, strong adaptability, high reliability and no vacuum device, so it has incomparable advantages in welding precision, efficiency and automation.

Laser welding is a high-energy-density welding process. Welding aluminum alloys can effectively prevent defects caused by traditional welding processes, and the strength coefficient is greatly improved.

aluminum welder machine welding metal material power

aluminum laser welding
aluminum laser welding
laser weld aluminum
laser weld aluminum
1000w aluminum laser welder
1000w aluminum laser welder

How much aluminium laser welding machine price

The aluminium laser welding machine price is generally around 5,000-10,000 US dollars, depending on the thickness of the aluminum plate welded by aluminum laser welder, the power is different, the brand of laser welding gun is different, and the price is also different。

aluminum laser welder application

Laser welder aluminum is widely used in the manufacture of gearbox gears, axle shafts, drive shafts, radiators, clutches, engine exhaust pipes, turbocharger axles and chassis, and has become a standard process for auto parts manufacturing.

Handheld laser welder for aluminum has been widely used in most automobile manufacturers. It is environmentally friendly, saves labor and has high work efficiency. It is believed that laser welder aluminum will be popularized and used in more manufacturing fields in the future.

Aluminum plate is light in weight, has electrical and thermal conductivity, good toughness, and is easy to process and shape. Therefore, it is favored by people in the fields of aerospace, electronics manufacturing, and automobiles. More and more aluminum plates replace steel to make car bodies, and they are stronger.

dowell laser cleaning machine
aluminum laser welding machine factory

Dowell laser welding machine for aluminum manufacturers can provide OEM service; the company has 13 years of manufacturing experience, not only in the production of aluminum welding, but we also produce laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines, laser cleaning machines, and other laser equipment, we have professional ce certification laser aluminum welding machine can protect your machine.

laser welding aluminium problems

traditional aluminum welding

MIG welding, TIG welding. But both have some disadvantages: poor penetration ability, large welding deformation, low production efficiency and other shortcomings.

Laser weld aluminum has comprehensive and powerful functions. Using laser welding machine for aluminum can increase welding speed and production efficiency on the one hand, and reduce heat input and improve welding quality on the other hand. It can produce better welding quality than other welding equipment. It is a reliable new welding equipment.

how is aluminium welded

There may be two reasons for the above:

1. There is an error in the size of the aluminum plate workpiece, resulting in loose closure.
2. If the fixture is not fixed well, it will also cause the weld seam to be relatively large

laser welding aluminum plate

Why laser welding aluminum 6061 breaks

Laser welding aluminum 6061 has cracks mainly due to crystal cracks.

Crack: It is caused by the formation of Al-Si or Mg-Si, Al-Mg2Si and other low-melting eutectics at the columnar grain boundaries during the crystallization of the weld metal.

Discontinuous heating by pulsed laser is prone to crystallization cracks. CW lasers tend to crack less—two conditions for crystallization cracks: liquid film, stress. Reduce the cooling rate as much as possible, the stress is smaller, and the crack tendency should be smaller .

There are two types of pores: the pores caused by the involvement of Mg vapor and refractory oxide film; the hydrogen pores; the surface of the aluminum alloy is clean and the atmosphere is better protected. Welding uses less input energy.

What to pay attention to when weld aluminum

1. Pay attention to cleaning the surface of aluminum parts: aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, its nature is relatively active and easy to oxidize, so the surface is easy to attach dust and moisture. If the welded aluminum parts are not cleaned before welding, impurities will remain in the On the workpiece, it affects the quality of the final product.

2. Pay attention to the generation of air holes: in the process of using laser weld aluminum, deformation may occur. That’s because the pores in the welding cause the weld to expand and deform, which will affect the aesthetics of the product. Experienced masters can overcome it, but this may happen to inexperienced or immature masters.

3. Pay attention to the power of the laser welding machine: the power required for different aluminum thicknesses is different. If the power is not enough, the welding firmness may face challenges. It is best to choose the appropriate model and power according to the thickness and size of the product—laser weld aluminum.

laser welder aluminum

​Classification of aluminum sheets​

Aluminum alloy aluminum plate is mainly composed of alloy elements, the aluminum content is far less than that of pure aluminum plate, but it has some special properties and can be used in special environments, such as aerospace equipment or ships.

According to its thickness, it can be divided into fine aluminum plate, regular aluminum plate, medium aluminum plate and coarse aluminum plate.

The thickness of the aluminum plate is the type of the aluminum plate respectively.
The thickness of the thin aluminum plate is 0.15-2.0mm;
The thickness of conventional aluminum plate is 2.0-6.0mm;
The thickness of the medium-thick aluminum plate is between 6.0-25.0mm;
The thickness of the aluminum plate is between 25-200mm;
Aluminum plates over 200 mm are ultra-thick plates.

Types of heat action mechanism for laser welding

According to the heat action mechanism of laser welding, it can be divided into two types: heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding.

Thermal conduction welding is mainly used in packaging welding or micro-nano welding of precision parts;
Laser deep penetration welding is mainly used in the welding of materials that require complete penetration. The welding process will vaporize the material, and the keyhole phenomenon will appear in the molten pool. It is currently the most widely used laser welding method, and it is also the preferred method for aluminum alloy welding.

aluminum laser welding machine factory

Three methods of welding aluminum alloy

Gas tungsten arc welding

The argon tungsten arc welding method is mainly used for aluminum alloys and is a better welding method, but the argon tungsten arc welding equipment is more complicated and is not suitable for operation in open air conditions.

Resistance spot welding, seam welding

This welding method can be used to weld aluminum alloy sheets with a thickness below 5mm. However, the equipment used in welding is relatively complicated, the welding current is large, and the productivity is high, which is especially suitable for mass-produced parts and components.

Pulse argon arc welding

Pulsed argon arc welding can improve the stability of the welding process very well. The parameters can be adjusted to control the arc power and weld shape.
The weldment has small deformation and small heat-affected zone, which is especially suitable for thin plate, all-position welding and other occasions, as well as welding of forged aluminum, duralumin, super duralumin, etc. which are highly sensitive to heat.

aluminum alloy welding

How to choose laser welder for aluminum manufacturers

When many customers purchase laser welding aluminum to steel, because there are many aluminum laser welder factories, they don’t know how to choose. The price of laser weld aluminum is also different. It is very important to choose a suitable laser welding company.

1. The scale of laser welding suppliers

Learn about the production strength of laser welding suppliers, whether it can meet your bulk procurement needs

2.laser welding services

Whether the service of laser welding manufacturers is perfect, and whether the after-sales technicians are experienced, so that it is convenient to deal with laser welding aluminum problems

3. Aluminum Laser welder components

Is the laser welding aluminum parts a good quality brand? Is there a professional process standard for the assembly process?

4. Laser welder for aluminum machine price

Does the price of handheld fiber laser welding machine for aluminum meet your budget? If not, you can try to purchase used laser welding aluminum.

Although the price of used laser welding aluminum is relatively cheap, the later maintenance cost is also very high, you need to understand this.


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