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3000w laser cleaning machine

Laser Welding Cleaning Machine for Sale

how does laser welding cleaning machine work

Laser welding cleaning machine can not only weld in and out of the plate, but also can clean and cut the surface of the base material, it is a three-in-one equipment.

One machine with multiple functions improves work efficiency, saves labor, and saves costs for business owners.

air cooled laser welder

welding effect

Welding between metal stainless steel, brass, aluminum plate, gold and silver, carbon steel and other different materials

laser cleaning track

cleaning effect

Cleaning of metal plates, such as oxides, paint traces, rust on the surface of iron plates, stainless steel plates, tires, etc.

laser cutters

cutting effect

The cutting of metal sheet, according to the different power, the thickness of the cut sheet is also different, generally cutting the metal sheet below 5mm


What is the cost of laser welding cleaning machine?

The price of 3 in 1 laser welding machine is different from machine power, configuration, and brand. The price of each manufacturer is different. Generally, it is between $3500-$9300. If you want to know the specific price, you can consult laser welding machine company.

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