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1000w fiber laser cutting machine

OEM ODM 1000w fiber laser cutting machine for sale

Affordable 1kw fiber laser equipment

The 1000 watt laser cutter is suitable for entry level users. It is easy to operate and can be used to cut brass, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum plate, iron, etc. It is a relatively popular product in the market at present, and the price is relatively low.

1000w laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting thin metal sheets in sheet metal, advertising industry, kitchenware industry, lighting industry and other industries. Can cut iron plate 12mm, stainless steel 5mm, aluminum plate 3mm.

1kw fiber laser cutters for sale type

Dowell laser laser cutting machine for sale, the appearance of the machine is divided into open, fully enclosed, plate and tube dual-use models, we can provide oem sheet laser cutting machine, if you want to find the most affordable equipment cost, then we are Your best choice。

single platform open type 1000w laser cutting machine

Provide a more accessible and flexible cutting solution,The open frame allows the laser head to move over a larger work area, allowing it to cut larger sheets of metal, tubing or other materials. Lower cost with simpler mechanical design.

Fully enclosed switching station 1325 1000 watt automatic laser cutter

With a closed design, the closed design better accommodates laser radiation, smoke and debris, reducing operator risk., helps to isolate the cutting area from external factors such as dust and debris

Plate tube1000w fiber laser cutting tool

Dual purpose design capable of cutting metal plates/sheets as well as metal pipes/tubes. Suitable for a variety of materials: These machines can cut a variety of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and more.

1000w laser cutter video

How does 1kw laser cutter equipment work?

1kw cnc laser cutting machine for metal video

1000 watt fiber laser Specification

flatbed laser cutting machine configuration

  • 1000 Watt Small Fiber Laser
  • Raytools or WSX 1kw Laser Cutter Head
  • Water Cooling Unit
  • 3000*1500mm Table
  • Yaskawa Servo Motor
  • Laser Cutting Software
  • Air Compressor
  • Rack and Pinion
  • Guide
  • Reducer
  • Cross Beam: Cast Aluminum or Ordinary
  • Industrial CNC Computer Display

how much does 1000w fiber laser cutting machine price cost

The laser cutter 1000w is related to fiber laser cost, configuration, format, and brand value. The general price is around $20,000, and the price of high-power machines is relatively more expensive. If you want to buy cheap laser cutting equipment, you need to make multiple comparisons, including manufacturer size, strength, delivery time, postoperative services, etc.

Laser cutting samples

FAQ About 1000w fiber laser cutting machine

china 1000w metal panel laser cutting machine factories

fiber laser cutting machine price in india

How thick materials can be cut by 1kw fiber laser cutting machine?

  • Carbon steel: The maximum cutting thickness is usually 10mm.
  • Stainless steel: The maximum cutting thickness is usually 5mm.
  • Aluminum plate: The maximum cutting thickness is usually 3mm.
  • Copper plate: The maximum cutting thickness is usually 3mm.
fiber laser cutting technology

1000W fiber laser cutting machines applications

1000W fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in industries such as advertising, crafts, and metal fabrication due to their ability to quickly and accurately cut a wide range of metal materials

fiber laser cutting technology

Process setting parameters of 1 kw laser cutting machine

Cutting speed, machining depth, focus position, laser energy, pulse width and frequency, etc. The settings of these parameters should be determined according to the properties of the processed material and processing requirements to achieve the best cutting effect

Do you want to buy the best 1000w fiber laser cutting machine?

If you want to get the best 1000w metal panel laser cutting machine factories and suppliers, then dowell laser machine is a good choice for you, we can customize 1325 1530 type laser cutting equipment for you to meet your different customization needs, It can cut aluminum plates, carbon steel, brass and other metal materials. Welcome to inquire.


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