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Provide affordable and durable metal laser cutting machines , meet the needs of the industrial market, efficient cutting, high precision.

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Rich experience in the steel laser cutter manufacture, professional design and development team, provide OEM ODM support, product models are all 1000w-60kw optional.


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dowell metal cutting laser cutter factory

If you want to buy the most affordable laser cutting machine for metal, then you don’t need to know more about Dowell laser cutting machine suppliers. They provide OEM odm services and produce 1000w-60kw metal laser machines for you to choose from. They are supported by a professional after-sales service team.

steel laser cutter type

metal laser machines

Small precision laser cutter for metal

Suitable for 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w small format equipment Size: 3015 4015 6015

laser that can cut metal

Single platform laser cutting machine for metal

Suitable for 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w small format equipment Size: 3015 4015 6015

2513 fully enclosed metal cnc laser cutting machine

1313/1390/1325/1515 Precision small steel laser cutter

Small size, space saving, used in the electronics industry, jewelry industry, aviation and other fields with high precision requirements

fully enclosed metal cnc laser cutting machine

Fully enclosed laser steel cutting

The large surrounding chassis shell is used with the smoke processor to process the dust generated by cutting, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

ground rail large format laser cutter

Super large format laser that can cut metal

Cabinet type ultra-large format equipment above 12 meters, high cutting precision, fast speed, efficient cutting, can be equipped with loading and unloading devices, used with bending machines, welding machines, etc

high power laser cutting machine

12000w 15000w 20kw 30kw high power laser metal cutting

Industry for cutting thick metal plates above 20mm, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, steel structure field, etc

exchange table fiber laser cut machine

Dual platform fiber laser metal cutting

Front and rear dual platforms save loading and unloading time, improve work efficiency and save money

plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine factory

Sheet and tube fiber laser for cutting metal

It can cut plates and pipes. It is a versatile equipment that saves you capital costs and improves work efficiency.

laser tube cutting machine

pipe laser cutting machine for metal

Suitable for cutting metal pipes, cutting, marking, punching and other functions of round pipes, square pipes, and special-shaped pipes.

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china metal laser cutting machine manufacturers & supplier

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laser metal cutting services

With 13 years of manufacturing experience, we have enough strength to meet your customized needs and provide you with the most affordable price

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Frequently Asked Questions

DOWELL metal laser cutting machine manufacturers produce 1000w-60kw equipment, can be customized custom, in addition to the global recruitment agents, to give your factory the most affordable price.

What are the dimensions of metal laser machines?
The conventional sizes on the market are: 3000*1500mm 4000*1500mm 6000*1500mm 4000*2000mm. The large sizes are 120000*2500mm. Different metal laser cutting machine suppliers can customize different table sizes.

The metal fiber laser has a 2-year warranty and other parts have a 1-year warranty.

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