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200w pulse laser cleaning machine

200w pulse laser cleaning machine for sale

200w pulse laser cleaner Features


Advantages of 200w pulse laser cleaning machine:

Cleaning efficiency is higher

Selection of cleaning machine galvanometer

The laser galvanometer of the laser cleaning machine uses an imported high-speed motor, which has the characteristics of small size, fast speed, high precision, and good stability. The comprehensive indicators have reached the leading level; the cleaning surface has high cleanliness and can clean the surface of metal objects of various shapes. resin, oil stains, stains, dirt, rust spots, coatings, plating, paint, as well as stone carving surface attachments and rubber mold residues, etc.

Field lens specifications

Cleaning width








Pulse laser cleaning machine problems

The laser wavelength of laser rust removal is generally 1064nm infrared light. The absorption rate of the human body is relatively low, and most of the parts hit on the hands are scattered. However, the metal has a high absorption rate of laser of this wavelength, so the laser will cause To remove rust.

Different laser types determine the cleaning speed of the cleaning machine, and the cleaning speed is within the range of 0.5m²/h-15m²/h

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Depending on what type you need, the pulse type has a finer cleaning effect, and the continuous type has a faster cleaning speed, Relative damage of material, the pulse type is less than the continuous type.

Classification of cleaning objects Oxide layer/rust scale/paint, coating/dirt, carbon layer/other

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