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300w pulse laser cleaner

300w Industries Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal


The 300W pulse laser cleaning equipment manufacturer is the best choice for you to buy rust removal equipment. The equipment can be air-cooled and water-cooled. The handheld operation is simple, easy to use, and can treat deep rust.

300w Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine Features

  • High integration: Integrated cleaning-specific two-dimensional scanning galvanometer, high-power optical lens assembly, cleaning control card and human-machine interface; integrated dual red light focusing module to grasp the focus position in real time; compatible with QBH, QCS-D17, QCS-D20, QCS -D24 and other mainstream optical fiber interfaces;
  • Efficient water-cooling: High-efficiency water-cooling structure design, collimation, focusing, reflectors, and field mirrors are all effectively water-cooled; they can continue to work for a long time;
  • Large range: A variety of field lens models are available, with a larger scanning range, up to φ200mm;
  • Easy to automate: The system provides multiple IO ports to form a closed loop with the host computer to achieve remote automation control; it supports industrial bus (non-standard), and the host system can remotely read and write parameters;

300w pulsed laser cleaning Advantages

  • It supports 8 cleaning modes, is suitable for a variety of complex cleaning fields, supports circular and precise control of laser power, and has better cleaning effects without damaging the substrate.
  • It has 10 security alarm protection systems, the product is more stable, supports multiple communication methods of IO Modbus, and has richer control functions. It also supports LGO, interface, and specific function customization.
  • Using an independently developed high-speed galvanometer motor, the product structure design is more reasonable and the stability is higher.
  • Compatible with all laser output ports currently on the market OBH/QCS D17, D20, D24 and can be customized, the longest cable can support 50 meters
  • Supports 15 languages, suitable for use in more countries.
laser cleaning and rust removal

300w Pulse Laser Cleaner Specification

pulse cleaning system
pulse cleaning mode

Laser cleaning efficiency is high

cleaning width is up to 150*150mm

laser cleaning field mirror
Imported field mirror, supports higher power, good stability and high efficiency
Supports a variety of specifications, suitable for a variety of environments
Field lens specifications
Cleaning width
F160 70*70MM

300w Pulse Laser Cleaning effect

Metals: Pulse laser cleaning is a method of removing rust, oxide layers, coatings and other impurities on various metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass and titanium that has been found to be effective.

Stone and Concrete: This process poses no threat to the surface while it can remove graffiti, dirt, coatings or other substances from materials like concrete, granite, marble and limestone.

Plastics: It avoids any melting or deformation by means of which pulse laser cleaning can take away coatings from plastic surfaces in addition to residues and contaminants.

Wood: Underlying material should not be destroyed even though paint may be removed together with coatings and residues.

Glass: Pulse laser cleaning is appropriate for removal of films or residues or impurities from glass without scratching or etching.

Ceramics: It does not destroy ceramic surfaces as well as remove contaminants; hence it is an effective way of cleaning since it gets rid of coatings as well as residues.

pulse industries laser cleaning machine

The 300W pulse laser cleaning machine offers versatility with both single-mode and multi-mode operations, catering to a wide range of cleaning requirements.

In single-mode:

  • Perfect for precision spot cleaning tasks with its tightly focused beam.
  • Delivers exceptional cleaning results, especially for stubborn stains or heavy rust on smaller surfaces.

In multi-mode:

  • Designed for larger cleaning areas, emphasizing speed and comprehensive coverage.
  • Its gentle cleaning approach makes it ideal for preserving delicate materials.
300w pulse laser cleaner

The 300W pulse laser cleaner is equipped with dual-axis oscillating technology and an intelligent cleaning head, ensuring easy operation and excellent stability.

The device is built with a rugged sheet metal chassis that offers superior structural integrity, resistance to deformation and efficient heat dissipation.

Careful wiring, scientifically optimized component selection, reasonable equipment layout, clear markings, and easy maintenance.

The vacuum cleaner adopts a precision-made air switch, which provides reliable guarantee for the safety of electricity and makes operation more secure.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with flexible and durable swivel casters for smooth and quiet operation, and has a self-locking function for greater convenience.

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