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How does square tube cutting machine

Square tube laser cutting are widely used in the industrial market. Laser cutting square, round, and rectangular tubes are easy to operate and use. The traditional pipe cutting process is relatively cumbersome, with complicated operations and high labour costs.

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Square tube cutting machine configuration includes:

Fiber laser, laser cutting head, laser cutting system, water cooler, guide rail, rack and pinion, rotating system, bed

cutting head
cutting head
chuck pipe
chuck pipe
fiber optics laser
fiber optics laser
laser cnc cutting system
laser cnc cutting system

How much is tube laser cutting machine price

The fiber laser cutter price above is about USD 25,000-90,000. The brand, power size, configuration, and after-sales service also have a great impact on the laser cutter machine price.
If you want to buy an affordable price, you need to compare with multiple companies

laser tube cutting services cut Material:

Classified by material:

It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and other metal pipes.

From tubing type:

It can cut common pipes such as round pipes, square pipes,rectangular tube and ovals, as well as various types of steel and special-shaped pipes such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, and H-beam.

pipe cutting machine design drawing

We have a professional design team, and it is possible to customize the laser cutting tube drawing design, size, size and power of your product.

What materials cannot be cut by the laser tube cutting services

Polyethene cannot be cut, and harmful smoke will be produced, which will cause harm to the body of the operator and the laser pipe cutting machine itself.
The laser cutting square tube is suitable for polycarbonate below 1mm, and it will also cause the colour of the raw material to fade.
The high-energy temperature generated by the laser can volatilize raw materials, but it is not suitable for related materials such as ABS and polyethene plastics.
Cutting polyethene and polypropylene foam with a laser tube cutter is prone to fire.

tube cutting machine chuck
tube cutting machine chuck
pipe cutting machine chuck
pipe cutting machine chuck

Five advantages of pipe cutting machine chuck

The laser cutting chuck can be adjusted manually and automatically and can be operated automatically only by operating the button. The holding force is stable and efficient, and the size is adjustable.

Reduce cumbersome manual procedures; one person operates multiple devices, increases work efficiency by five times, and batch processing is possible.

There is no need to rotate the cylinder, and it is equipped with a chuck and a gyrator. Compared with the traditional chuck, the structure is simpler, the installation is convenient, the load on the spindle is reduced, and the machine’s life is extended.

The chuck is a fully enclosed structure, and its service life is much higher than manual chucks. The life span can reach five years. The clamping accuracy is generally 0.01-0.03 mm, and the limit speed is 3000 rpm.

With a self-locking function, the workpiece can be firmly clamped for cutting when the power is off, which solves the safety problem.

Automatic laser tube cutter reset is not normal:

1.The X-axis and the Y-axis move oppositely and hit the side end.

Solution: Check whether the mainboard parameters are correct, stop the machine and check the mainboard parameter settings

2.The display on the control panel is normal, but the X and Y axes do not move

Solution: Unplug the motherboard sensor; if the machine does not move, if it moves, replace it with a new sensor.

3.The beam is normally reset, and the X-axis of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine is reset and does not move.

Solution: Check whether the motor wire or the motor shaft is broken, and if so, replace the motor wire or small motor.

4.The direction is correct to the apex when resetting.

Solution: Check the motherboard parameters, whether the X-axis or Y-axis can stop; if correct, check the motherboard or sensor, replace and rule out.

chuck pipe

DOWELL tube laser machine factory

DOWELL Laser has 13 years of experience manufacturing laser cutting equipment, one-stop laser cutting solutions, and pipe laser cutting equipment for cutting round, square, rectangular, and channel steel. The company has a standard production process, and each department has dedicated personnel responsible. The machine is tested before delivery to ensure that it can be used normally when you receive it.

Laser tube cutting machines Service:

  • Fibre laser warranty for two years
  • Other warranty is one year, except for wearing parts
cnc laser tube cutter
laser tube cutting machines packaging

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