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What are the Categories of Industrial Laser Cutter Machine?

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Industrial laser cutter machine equipment is mainly used for processing and cutting thin plates within 10mm. From the perspective of equipment types, there are mainly three types of advertising industrial laser cutter, plasma-desktop cutting machines, and small format high precision laser cutting machine. As far as the equipment itself is concerned, the three types of models are in use. They can be complementary to each other, and can be applied to a certain industry alone. Taking into account the existing price differences, starting from the processing parameters of the three types of equipment, we will explain separately for the user and the enterprise, and the reference for purchase:

Industrial metal laser cutting machinee:

laser cutter metal manufacturers
industrial laser cutter manufacturers

Industrial metal laser cutting machine is mainly used in advertising cutting industry, such as advertising word cutting, advertising handicraft cutting, and cutting of thin plate parts with low precision requirements. The market application is more common. The main buying groups are advertising processing industry, and stainless steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, and other thin plates. Processing industry.

The cutting accuracy of the equipment is general, and the cutting thickness is generally 0.5-3mm. If equipped with a better plasma power supply, the cutting thickness can also reach 10mm, but the relative cost is relatively high. From the perspective of price, taking our company’s yc series desktops as an example, the prices range from 40,000 to 60,000 yuan.

CNC plasma cutting machine:

CNC plasma cutting machine

It is mainly used in the processing of product parts. The processing method is plasma cutting. The cutting thickness can reach 25-30mm depending on the size of the plasma power supply. User companies can also use flame cutting torches, and the cutting thickness can generally reach 150mmn or less. It needs to be pointed out that plasma cutting is more suitable for processing thin plates within 10mm in order to ensure cutting quality.

At the same time, if the cutting volume is large, plasma cutting is also suitable to reduce processing costs. In terms of cutting accuracy, because it is rough machining equipment, its machining accuracy generally has an error of about 1mm. According to the characteristics of the model, it is divided into cantilever type, gantry type and portable. Taking our products as an example, the price is generally cheaper than advertising desktop cutting machines except for the gantry type, and there are also larger applications in the market.

High precision laser cutting machine:

It is the steel plate finishing equipment with the highest precision, the error can generally be controlled below 0.5mm, but the price is also the most expensive. The precision fiber laser cutting machine price for cutting a 5mm thick board is between hundreds of thousands, which are generally purchased by large state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, or large-scale conglomerates. It is also the best metal and non-metal processing equipment at present, but its high price makes it difficult for the market to accept.

The processing thickness of industrial metal laser cutting machine is divided into several extremes. The thickness of the laser cutting machine is more commonly used, and the 5mm-16mm is high-power The price of a laser cnc cutting machine is generally around 2 million. Therefore, industrial laser cutter machine is generally rarely used for large thickness, but CNC flame plasma cutting is used. Although the cutting accuracy is not as high as laser, the price is relatively cheap!

In the Chinese thin plate cutting and processing market, the advertising desktop cutting machine relies on better cost performance to ensure its market share of more than 50%. From the initial design point of view, this model is also specially designed for thin plate cutting.

Fast speed and high accuracy; when customers purchase advertising industrial metal laser cutting machine, they must clarify the price of the purchased models, cutting methods, processing accuracy, and production areas, and choose industrial metal laser cutting machine products reasonably, and buy the most at the lowest industrial laser cutting machine price. The right industrial laser cutter machine!

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