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4 Major Requirements for the Working Environment of CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Working environment requirements of CNC laser cutting machine:

If the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees and lower than 18 degrees, there will be too much dust and serious air pollution, which will cause serious damage to the machine, and the failure rate will continue to rise; electrical accessories are prone to problems in a humid environment. So here is a special reminder to customers to improve the working environment and maintain the machine frequently.

cnc laser cutting machines
cnc laser cutting machines

The suction device should be checked and cleaned regularly:

Clean the fan duct. Otherwise, a large amount of smoke and dust will not be discharged, the lens and laser tube will be severely and rapidly polluted, and the mechanical and electronic components will be easily oxidized, resulting in poor contact.

The cooling system should be grounded:

Clean the water tank and water circuit frequently. The temperature control point of the refrigeration temperature control water tank must be fair. Otherwise, the laser tube is easily damaged, the condensing power is reduced, the cold water head of the tube falls off, the service life is greatly shortened, and sometimes it cannot work, resulting in constant replacement of the tube.

cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers
cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers

The working current of the laser tube should be suitable:

  • Can not work under 90-100 light intensity for a long time;
  • The laser must be used fairly to save laser energy;
  • The optical system must be clean and accurate, otherwise, the laser tube will age and break prematurely, so the working time of the laser should be adjusted to 50-60%, and then the working speed should be adjusted according to the material, which is the best working state of the laser tube.


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