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7 Must-See Laser Cutter Safety Precautions

The fiber laser is very dangerous due to its huge energy and fast cutting ability, so the staff must pay great attention when using the fiber laser cutting machine. Once the danger happens, the consequences will be unimaginable. Note for the staff of fiber laser cutting machine, let us take a look at the laser cutter safety precautions !

what is a cnc laser cutter
what is a cnc laser cutter

Laser Cutter Safety Precautions :

  1. Strictly abide by the safety operating regulations of the cutting machine and operate in accordance with the operating instructions;
  2. The operator of the fiber laser cutting machine must be specially trained to reach a certain level, and can only operate on duty with the consent of the safety administrator;
  3. Designate the laser safety management area, and set up warning signs at the entrance and exit of the management area, including the power of the laser processing machine, the type of laser, prohibiting outsiders from entering, paying attention to protecting eyes and the name of the safety manager, etc.;
  4. There should be no flammable and explosive materials in the work area, and corresponding preventive facilities should be provided at the same time;
  5. When the equipment is working, the operator shall not leave the work post or be taken care of by someone without authorization, and shall cut off the power or shut down;
  6. The operator of the fiber laser cutting machine or the person approaching the laser during laser use should wear appropriate laser protective glasses and protective clothing. In the protective glasses area, there must be good indoor lighting to ensure The operator operates smoothly;
  7. Before you know whether a certain material can be irradiated or heated by a laser, do not make your own claim to process it, so as to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.
product effect of fiber laser cutting machine

The above are the seven safety points compiled by the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer for the general staff. I hope that the staff must strictly observe to prevent accidents. After all, safe production is the most important!

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