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9 Common Laser Welding Troubleshooting

In the process of using the fiber laser welding machine, we will definitely encounter the situation of equipment failure. When we encounter this situation, we are often at a loss and do not know how to solve it. So the following article solves common problems of handheld fiber Laser Welding Troubleshooting .


1. The protective gas is opened too much

Solution: adjust the airflow of the protective gas

2. The focusing lens is damaged or contaminated

Solution: Replace or clean the focusing lens and protective lens.

3. The laser is not output from the center of the copper gas nozzle under the focusing head

Solution: adjust the 45-degree reflective diaphragm to make the laser output from the center of the gas nozzle

4. The diaphragm of the laser cavity is damaged or contaminated

Solution: Replace or clean the reflective diaphragm of the resonant cavity.

5. The shutter did not fully open

Solution: Check and add lubricating oil on the shutter connecting parts to make the connecting parts mechanically smooth

6. The service life of the xenon lamp is up

Solution: Check and clean the old lamp or replace with a new xenon lamp.

7. The cooling water is polluted or the cooling water has not been replaced for a long time

Solution: Replace the cooling water and clean the UV glass tube and xenon lamp

8. The defocus of the focusing lens is too large

Solution: adjust the amount of defocus to be close to the focus position (but there should be no splashes)

9. Laser deviation of the main optical path

Solution: adjust the main light path full-reflection and half-reflection diaphragms, use photo paper to check and adjust the round spot

handheld laser welding machine gun head
handheld laser welding machine gun head

Application fields of handheld fiber laser welding machine:

Auto and parts industry, motorcycle and electric vehicle industry, machinery industry, pressure vessel, boiler manufacturing, hardware processing and other installation methods. Robots can choose to lay flat on the ground, side hanging, upside down and other installation methods. External expansion can be based on user needs. Perform coordinated work of multiple robots or add external axis positioners and walking rails.

The above is the main content of the solutions to common problems of laser welding machines. I believe you will have a new understanding the methods of fiber laser welding machines troubleshooting after reading!

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