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The “Portability” Advantage Of Light Welding Equipment

Light welding equipment also uses fiber lasers, with simple and clear structural features, relatively stable energy conversion output power, and air-cooling. Basically, no maintenance is required for machinery and equipment.

lightweld 1500 laser welding system
lightweld 1500 laser welding system

Because the laser welding technology process basically does not cause serious pollution (machines and equipment themselves will not cause serious work pollution, only some raw materials used by laser welding technology can cause dust), therefore, maintenance is convenient and fast, and maintenance costs are low. However, the traditional method of coding selected consumes a lot of raw materials and causes corresponding serious pollution to the gas. The cost is relatively overestimated. Not to mention, the information ejected is not precise and detailed enough, while the laser welding technology uses red light The positioning system can be accurately carved out in accordance with the style of the software structure.

Laser welding technology is a processing process that selects a focused high-energy laser beam to melt and connect raw materials to produce high-quality laser welding technology heads.

Laser welding technology has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small product deformation, large welding gap welding ratio, fine crystals, simple and clear post-welding treatment process, and high cost-effective welding gap. It can be used in various unique natural environments with the same laser welding technology or Different raw materials or refractory raw materials.

laser welding product effect

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the fiber laser generator is high, which can reach 25%, and the energy consumption is extremely low. Electro-optical components have a long service life and are basically maintenance-free.

Hand held laser welding equipment has a portable design scheme, and has a high technical and professional level for the application of life practice. The basic functions are easy to use, and the practical operation is very important.

Among the real-life application norms ensured by the basic functions of actual operation, the strict requirements of the standard norms and systematic norms become very critical.

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